Welcome back, Duelists! This week's episodes were chock-full of double-crosses and backstories. Those who we thought were innocent were not and those who we thought were guilty were...well there's a reason for everything, right? Join Kate, Debo, and Ajummah as we discuss all that happened in the latest episodes of Duel!

Kate: Wow, last week was definitely a fight-packed week, but this week was full of plot developments. Each time I thought I saw all of them, another reveal would happen. What were each of your favorite developments this week? I think mine was that Detective Jang finally got to see his daughter, even if she didn’t see him.

Ajummah: I’m going to be jumping around because I want to comment on what you’re saying and I also want to be sure I discuss everything that caught my eyes and ears. Yes, I may have teared up when Detective Jang saw his daughter and yes maybe I felt bad for the Bad Clone once I saw his past.

I think my favorite plot development was finding out how the clones came about...well how the doctor died. I think they took his cells and used the eggs from the crazy woman to create the clones. This is just an Ajummah theory. I also feel like I made connections when I saw how the 3 patients overpowered the doctor and harvested his organs. What I haven’t figured out is what the men were doing in the hospital in the first place. Some type of medical research? Also did anyone feel creeped out when the organ harvester’s daughter asked for Soo Yeon?

Debo: Definitely cheered when Detective Jang got a glimpse of Soo Yeon. And the fact he now has an upper hand over the bad clone is another reason to cheer as well, it was pretty badass how he used the bad clone’s words against him.

I think that is an interesting theory, Ajummah! It definitely seems probable. I did feel bad for that lady when she got startled, to say the least, by the good clone. But the other reporter who talked about how she ruined fountain pens for him really gave me a chuckle.

Kate: What do they say, are you paranoid if they’re really after you? That seems to apply to the mental patient. Ajummah, I too bet her eggs were actually harvested. And who knows? When we saw the nurse pregnant, we assumed it was with Mi Rae. Maybe she carried the clone twins first. That’s only a guess, not a prediction. I’m not willing to stake too much on it yet. I also was intrigued by the clones’ back stories. I hope they don’t empathize with Bad Clone far too much. If he is redeemed by a few drawings and hugs from Soo Yeon I will not be happy. Complex villains are one thing, that would be a step too far. Good Clone’s backstory was starting to get filled in a little too, which I also liked. Even though he grew up in an orphanage, it appears he had a happier, more stable life before his memory loss. It was also sweet to see him forgive his friend for selling him out so quickly.

Ajummah: Right? I was a little upset with his friend. I understand he needed money but damn, didn’t he realize what would happen? Good Clone forgave him a bit too quickly for me. Detective Jang made me nervous when Bad Clone told him to kill the guy who stole the kidney. I didn’t want him to start down that path because I just KNEW that he would never get Soo Yeon back if he became a murderer. I’m glad that he went to Prosecutor Choi and told her everything he planned to do. It means he’s still thinking like a cop. I was worried about that the past few episodes. Hopefully she won’t sell him out (again) and do what he asks of her. What do you think?

Debo: The action of him forgiving his friend so quickly helped to meld him into that good person role. It helped to contrast him with Bad Clone a lot. And yes, I’m glad he isn’t going down the path of the murder as well, because it is a slippery slope. One wrong move and he would end up on the wrong side of justice. I am just hoping she will do the right thing as well. She wants to see Soo Yeon safe as well and that makes me hope she will help her father out as much as she can. /fingers crossed/ The backstory bit was definitely interesting. I can’t even imagine what the feeling of getting your organs ripped out of you would be like… > . <

Kate: Strangely enough, I was more willing to believe that Detective Jang would kill someone to free Soo Yeon than kidnap someone’s daughter after his own experiences. While I was pleased to be right when I saw the fake-out kidnapping, in the gap between the episodes I was still worried about what Jang might do with the father. Worried, but not surprised by the outcome.

That conversation he had with his detective friend may have just made the difference. And thank goodness Jang did loop Prosecutor Choi in. Debo, it may take an episode, but I do think the Prosecutor will work with him. This provides a bunch of new storytelling opportunities for the second half of the series. Seriously, the element of the story that still worries me the most is the CEO’s daughter and what evil plans she might have up her sleeve, as you mentioned earlier, Ajummah. She doesn’t look like she’d be won over by a drawing. She could do some serious damage.

Ajummah: On the love front...I’m not sure who Reporter Ryu will end up with. I’m not one to advocate romance in a drama BUT I kind of like her with Good Clone. I know I said I wanted her with her associate but I’ve changed my mind. They seem good for each other and I think she already has a thing for him. Did you see when she tried to touch him when he was in pain? It was cute. The romance line isn’t overpowering but it is there. The lawyer has a thing for the Detective that’s been helping Detective Jang and I bet $2 that Prosecutor Choi has a thing for Detective Jang. So maybe there will be some development on that as episodes go by.

Kate: Eww… I think that I can only get behind a Good Clone- Mi Rae romance if they establish very quickly that they are NOT related. There’s definitely a little bit too much of an ick factor there for me to enjoy contemplating that love line. I’m not sure her poor reporter colleague has much of a chance, though. He was trying to take her out for dinner and all she wanted to do was check on Good Clone. Is it some sort of love connection, or instinctual sisterly/daughterly connection?

So what are your thoughts Duelists? Will Prosecutor Choi help Detective Jang or will she double-cross him? Do you think the Bad Clone will have a change of heart and keep Soo Yeon safe or will he drop her off with the organ harvester? Leave your comments below and come back and chat with us after watching the newest episodes of Duel!

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