We continue the breakneck pace in this week’s episodes, but are things really what they seem? You may have to look twice to figure out who you’re watching this week. Do you see Good Clone? Bad Clone? Past Good or Bad Clone? Little Boy Good or Bad Clone? Or Good Clone pretending to be Bad Clone? And who’s in control of the legal situation? Soo Yeon? The lives of the clones? It’s enough to need a double take. Follow Debo, and me, Kate, as we puzzle out this week’s developments on Duel.

Kate: This was a great week of episodes! There were so many plot points that have settled in a nice place for the last third of the show. The pieces are all starting to fall into place for me. I’ve got to say, I’m also liking the Prosecutor more each week. She’s willing to stand up to her boss and power to get the job done. What did both of you think about this week’s episodes?

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Ajummah: I am in complete agreement, especially with episode ten. LOTS of story lines got tied together. We now know how good clone/bad clone were created, who created them and how they ended up leaving the hospital they were in. Though I’m confused as to who ran over the female doctor that they called mom.

I was so happy that Detective Jang was reunited with his daughter and was very proud of Good Clone for holding his own with the organ harvester’s daughter.

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Kate: I was glad to see the CEO’s daughter’s motivations cleared up quite a bit. It completely makes sense that she is doing everything she can to help heal her beloved father. It doesn’t quite make her sympathetic to me (because, you know, the murder and kidnapping and forced surgery) but I understand where she is coming from, and she’s still pretty scary. Who ever thought dessert could be code for killing? They were going to kill Bad Clone there, right?

Ajummah: I believe they were. Good Clone’s fast talking saved him from that because, I’m sad to say, he’s not a good fighter. Did you see how he tried to fight with that henchman that realized he wasn’t bad clone? I was sitting here shaking my head. Not one good landed punch. *sigh* I guess you can’t have everything.

I’m wondering about another piece of the final puzzle we got at the end of episode ten. When bad clone told Detective Jang it was all his fault? What did he do? Ignore him when he was a kid? Throw him out of the police station? It’s weird that out of EVERYONE he could blame about his predicament, he chooses Detective Jang. AND ANOTHER THING! The female doctor isn’t dead. So, does that mean she faked her death in order for bad clone to grow up without her? Or is she a clone herself? So many clones!

Debo: I feel like the female doctor and Bad Clone pleaded with her to help them and shelter them but he refused and forced them back onto the street which is when she was hit by the car. And I feel like she might be a clone as well! That would definitely be another interesting plot twist! But yeah there are so many clones floating around this series!

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Kate: It is interesting that Dr. Han Yoo Ra claimed to be the originator of the clones, that she made them, not her husband. I wonder how that will affect the story. That she mothered the clones can be explained many ways as well. She may just be empathetic to children, they were cute and had a pretty lonely childhood. They also could remind her of her husband since they are his clones and make her want to take care of them. Finally, she might have actually been their (sort of) mother. I think she’s another contender for surrogate for the clone twins.

Ajummah: The way the storyline is progressing, we’ll probably learn about it next week. I wonder if they’ll have anything else to say about the reporter. They are moving away from finding out about her mother (though I know she was a nurse at the time) but was she a nurse for the boys? I only saw her in the hospital with the original clone doctor and the men that ended up killing him for his organs.

Also will Detective Jung be arrested when all this is over? He did break a TON of laws but he didn’t kill anyone so I’m not sure if they’ll just let him go with a slap on the wrist considering his situation. Maybe Prosecutor Choi will have a light heart about it? If she isn’t fired herself, that is.

Debo: In the real world he would definitely not be let off with just a slap on the wrist, but since this is drama land it is honestly hard to tell. Guess we’ll just have to wait! But Prosecutor Choi definitely seems to be softening up as the series progresses so we’ll see what happens!

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Kate: I’m hoping Prosecutor Choi finds some dirt on the Head Prosecutor. He’s a big jerk that deserves some comeuppance. It would wrap things up quite nicely if in fact he’s in the pocket of the San Young Pharmaceutical company, paying him off not to look too deeply into the organ dealings and the off the books medical experimentation. Not to mention the kidnapping, murder, and imprisonment. They’re clones, but shouldn’t they have rights, too? It looked like after Dr. Han made a run for it with them to try and get them away, Bad Clone was basically imprisoned until two years ago. No wonder he’s a bit psychotic. The orphanage Good Clone grew up in was definitely the better option.

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Ajummah: Agreed. It’s weird how they have Dr. Original’s memories. Well at least Good Clone does. I’m assuming Bad Clone does too since they are identical. Speaking of identical, isn’t it crazy how no one (except the number 1 henchman) recognized the switch? Good clone even had a meal with the CEO’s daughter and she didn’t realize he wasn’t Bad Clone.

Debo: Oh yes, the henchman definitely sensed something was fishy from the very beginning. But it’s good the Good Clone wasn’t seriously hurt and they were able to escape with Soo Yeon.

Kate: I guess having those memories helps him impersonate Bad Clone, even if it seems improbable. I could buy a twin-like connection between the living clones, maybe, but actual recovered memories from the original doesn’t really make sense to me. Do you think that only Good Clone has the memories of the original? She seemed surprised to hear him mention that he did (when he was playing Bad Clone, of course).

Ajummah: Random thought. If they were going to kill Bad Clone...were they going to try to take his kidney to give to the CEO? They know that the clones have aging organs so they’d be worthless. They weren’t able to get the kidney from the guy Bad Clone killed because he had some type of disease. What were they going to kill him for, I wonder?

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Kate: They wanted that kidney back for… reasons? They thought it had been exposed to some sort of miracle cure they they needed access to, I think. This for me is still one of the muddier plot points, but I’m not sure how much it is because of weird bad science and how much is because the whole story isn’t there yet. I’m giving it a pass for at least another week. Now that they learned the kidney hadn’t been working, it was useless. Which looks like it makes the other four people with organs useless too. So maybe no more kidnappings for organs? Well, at least the people on that list. Though that also means Bad Clone has lost some of his bargaining power too.  That may make for some difficult fall out next week.

Is Dr. Han a Clone or their birth mother? Will the drug save the clones or the CEO? What did you think of the switcheroo this week? Let us know in the comments.

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