You've probably read about the recent outrage towards the Dunkin' Donuts ad in Thailand, featuring a model in what looks like blackface makeup.

After the events blew up in a matter of days, many revelations began to surface.

First, it became public that it was Thailand Dunkin' Donut's CEO Nadim Salhani's teenage daughter in the ad. Then, we got the Lebanese expatriate Salhani's steadfast defense; the CEO insists the backlash is just "paranoid American thinking."

Above: Salhani with his high school daughter, Mira Salhani. Below: Mira Salhani in the controversial blackface ad

Many were further infuriated by the CEO's comments, and Dunkin' Global had to step in. In a statement to the Daily News, Karen Raskopf, the chief communications officer for Dunkin' Brands, said the campaign was "insensitive," and added, "On behalf of our Thailand franchise and our company, we apologize for any offense it caused. We are working with our franchaisee [sic] to immediately pull the television spot and to change the campaign."