The newest single from E-Sens, "You Can't Control Me," is getting a lot of heat for its explicit lyrics. In the track, he disses his former Supreme Team partner Simon D, former management company Ameoba Culture, and Dynamic Duo. It's also the latest release in the rising Korean "diss rap" scene.

Dissing has already long been a part of western hip hop — Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and Eminem all do it. But in Korea, where most people still consider themselves to be conservative, the mass audience just hasn't been ready for tracks that single out and diss an artist or company — though that might be slowly changing, with the release of tracks like this one.

"You Can't Control Me" was released via Twitter, after the rapper uploaded it onto his personal Soundcloud page, and it's a great, intense song. You can also listen to the track below: