Does she look more like mommy or daddy? Over the weekend, Ki Tae Young made an appearance on KBS' Entertainment Weekly. The proud new dad couldn't wait to share images of his adorable newborn baby girl with the public. The show's reporter even asked him if he thinks his baby looks more like him or his lovely wife Eugene. The Live In Style actor replied with this message: “I hoped that she would resemble Eugene more. So, I told my wife to keep looking in the mirror, but she kept looking at me instead.”

There is an old saying that a baby will resemble the person a pregnant mom gazes at the most.

He also said the following in a heartwarming video message to his baby girl: "Ro Hee, it’s dad. Thank you for being born healthy. Your dad will always protect you no matter what until the person who will take my place appears.”

Eugene gave birth to their precious little one the first week of April. The I Really Really Like You actress plans to remain in Guam with her mom for the rest of the month.

This is so sweet. Ki seems like such a doting husband and father. All the best to this delightful growing family!

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