The YouTube couple officially announced that they are moving to Japan after seven years in Korea.

Simon and Martina are familiar names to anyone interested in Korean culture. The Canadian couple moved to Korea seven years ago as EPIK teachers. What began as a hobby of making videos of their wacky experiences for family and friends became the wildly successful Eat Your Kimchi YouTube channel.

Yet on December 16, Simon announced on the EYK blog that he and Martina were officially preparing to move to Japan, something they had talked about before (and even have the Eat Your Sushi domain reserved). The decision comes after a touching video discussing Martina's chronic pain with EDS. The couple is deciding to take the plunge before their options become too limited.

Those seeking out the You Are Here Cafe in Seoul will be happy to know that the cafe will remain open, but unassociated with EYK. However, the EYK studio in Seoul will be closing. Simon assures us that they will keep updating, and I can't wait to see what crazy adventures their move to Japan brings!

Read more about their decision on the EYK blog and tell us what you think about the change in the comments!

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