Eddie Huang -- celebrity chef and owner of NYC restaurant BaoHaus -- is getting his own show on ABC based on his memoir Fresh Off The Boat. The book is about Eddie being a first generation American, and growing up in Orlando, Florida with his "fresh off the boat" family. He talks all about cultural issues, like bringing school lunch made up of Taiwanese/Chinese foods that don't go over so well with kids who are only used to the smells of PB&J and hot dogs.

The television series is being executive produced and written by the creator of past ABC show Don't Trust The B---- In Apt.23, and Eddie himself will also be taking part as one of the shows producers.

One show that comes to my mind is Everybody Hates Chris -- it was all about Chris Rock's life growing up in Brooklyn during the '80s with his family. Eddie Huang's show is all about growing up with FOB style in Orlando during the '90s -- I sense another funny show in the making!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE