Japan has created an all new Tamagotchi called Tamagotchi Ps that’s more blingy and fun than the original!

Remember back in the late 90s when everyone had a Tamagotchi virtual pet on their key chain and would take time to feed it and stuff?! I never had one, instead I had the knock-off Giga Pet, which was, in my eyes, better than a Tamagotchi but no one believed me (-_-). Unfortunately I was an irresponsible child and my virtual pet always went hungry, I never cleaned up after he used the bathroom, and he just suffered. Oh well, he wasn't real anyway.

Now a new generation of irresponsible children will have the chance to raise their own virtual pet but in way better conditions. The new Tamagotchi Ps comes in a variety of colors like pink and yellow, they’re decorated in rhinestones, hearts, and stars, and most importantly, you can connect them to each other and send messages back and forth.

With the connection feature you and your friends can play games together, and Tamagotchi Ps also has new characters and character personalities. One of these virtual pets will set you back $59 and you can purchase it HERE if you’re interested.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE