An 86-year-old Chinese woman mistook the bullet train in Shanghai for the local subway line, resulting in an unexpected trip to the city of Nanjing. After buying groceries, the woman reportedly followed someone who she thought to be her neighbor into the bullet train station. She then mistakenly purchased the 140 RMB (about $23 USD) ticket instead of the subway fare, thinking it was the correct amount. 

Mrs. Chen was later found very confused by local police in Nanjing, which is about 200 miles from Shanghai and an hour-long ride on the bullet train. She is hard of hearing and has a strong regional accent, which made it hard for the police to communicate with her. Luckily, they found a card with her son's information and where able to contact him. They then arranged for return transportation to Shanghai, and Mrs. Chen eventually arrived home safely.

For your reference, here's a map of the distance between these two cities.

What she thought was an ordinary trip to the grocery store sure turned into a much bigger adventure! Can you believe she mistook the bullet train for the subway? Please share your thoughts below!

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