Fans were sad to say goodbye to JYJ's Jaejoong as he enlisted for military service. Elle is helping fill that longing in our hearts for more Jaejoong by releasing  photos and an interview from their  November 2012 edition. 

While Jaejoong will be serving for two years, he has left a finished album that will be released sometime in the future.  

In the interview with Elle Korea magazine three years ago, the singer said that he wasn't "skillful at music at first."

"Training helped, but ultimately, I learned a lot through practical experience," said Jaejoong.

Jaejoong said that he believed everyone is "boundless and has a lot left to do." He said that what has both been lost and remains from his experiences over the years is a "sense of infinitude."

The pictorial was shot in India, and Jaejoong said the location made him feel like he was like Indiana Jones.  I can agree with that. 

If this photoshoot wasn't enough Jaejoong for you, check out his role in Triangle: