Bae Suzy recently traveled to Rome, Italy for a special fashion project. Valentino and Elle Korea were holding an upscale European fashion event, and Elle posted photos of the Dream High actress on their social media accounts. The captions raved about how beautiful Suzy looked during Valentino's Mirabilla Romae Exhibition.

The global lifestyle magazine wrote this message in awe: "Who is this beauty at the Valentino Couture show? Suzy's amazing height and flower beauty is shining in Rome as well! Isn't she so pretty? Please look forward to Suzy and Elle's project!"

Suzy has been busy in the Asian fashion and music world this year, but she recently turned down the opportunity to be in tvN's upcoming series Cheese In The Trap. Her agency, JYP Entertainment, told the media she "respectfully declined" the leading role.

The Miss A member is already South Korea's A-list celebrity. Do you think Suzy should conquer Italy's fashion sector too?

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