A brand new star in the form of handsome Han Dong Jun (Elvis Han) has appeared on the horizon. In Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, he plays the immortal Wu Xin, who fights monsters and romances his beautiful leading lady, Jin Chen (Gina Jin) on screen. Elvis Han can look cute in one photo and sexy in another. Check out these 10 photos to know more about this attractive car racer-turned-actor. (Actually, there is an 11th photo for bonus.)

1. Elvis Han is 23 years old, born on July 21, 1992 (year of the monkey), and he is 6' 0" (182 cm) tall and weighs 165 lbs (74 kg.) He was born in Harbin, Heilongjian Province of China. (Heilongjian is literally Black Dragon River in Chinese.)

2. He is a registered car racer in China, having gained the interest from his father. His other interests are singing and skiing.

3. He fell in love with acting when he was in high school in Canada, and he decided to attend the Shanghai Theatre Academy in Shanghai, China. He is still in school even though he has become a new hot star.

4. He rose to fame in 2015's TV drama  Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, only his third project after a supporting role in the popular 2014 drama The Romance of the Condor Heroes and a leading-man role in the play Under the Hawthorne Tree, performed at the National Theatre of China.

5. He reportedly said he stayed away from eating pork in order to improve his abs. What do you think of the result?

6. Another sexy photo!

7. He has a bright and open personality, and he often posts to his Weibo account. Here is a cute photo that he posted:

8. In  Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, Elvis plays Wu Xin, an immortal who wonders the earth with no purpose in life, until he meets Yue Ya, played by Gina Jin. Together they start on an adventure to make a living by taking on assignments to kill monsters. 

9. His abs show up in Wu Xin too:

10. One more sexy:

11. BONUS:

Since you've read this far, here's a bonus photo for you from Wu Xin:

I think  Wu Xin: The Monster Killer is definitely worth a look. I understand it has a lot of special effects, but I'll be keeping my eyes on Elvis! Watch the premiere now:

~ NancyZdramaland

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