Although we all know the proper etiquette, every once in a while we commit the terrible sin of forgetting to turn off our cell phone or set it to silent mode. Usually it's fine, as long as we quickly silence the phone. At least, most of us aren't on live TV when it happens. Watch what this embarrassed Vietnamese TV reporter did when his phone started ringing!

This video is not subtitled, but it is easy to understand for the purpose of our discussion. He seemed to be talking about a serious subject when all of a sudden...

Don't you think the female anchor stayed calm and poised very well during that awkward moment? She acted like nothing happened. He, however, needed some time to gather his thoughts before he could talk smoothly again.

With that loud crashing sound, I hope his phone survived.

By the way, he does have good taste, as his ring tone is from Mozart's Ronda Alla Turca. Since we only heard a snippet from the cell phone, here's a wonderful performance by Chinese classical pianist, Yuja Wang.