We've been waiting for this day! The charming and romantic Jeju Island Gatsby not only gave us a happy ending, but it has also given us many delightful recipes to try. We have gathered all 12 warm and cozy recipes in one place. Bookmark for your recipe album and enjoy these lovely delicacies to your heart's content.

The recipes appeared at the end of each episode with the exception of a few episodes. Therefore, we present 12 videos for your Warm and Cozy Cookbook. (The numbers correspond to the original episode for your reference.)

1. Rapeseed Flower Salad:

2. Conch Seaweed Soup:

3. Mel Noodles:

4. Abalone Rice:

5. Mandarin Orange Tea:

6. Seafood Pizza:

7. Ddokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes):

8. Spicy Meat Soup:

9. Orange Sherbet:  (Hallabong orange is a sweet Mandarin orange.)

11. Abalone Porridge:

12. Red Bean Rice Cakes:

13. Poong San's Curry Rice:

If you haven't watched Jeju Island Gatsby, check out these 8 reasons to start watching this fun drama. Consider making a mandarin orange tea and settling into the couch, or invite some friends to watch together over seafood pizza. Or just make it a Korean night. Watch the first episode below!

I can't wait to try the recipes from this collection. How about you? 

~ NancyZdramaland