An honest politician seems to be hard to find these days, and that is a fact that can be agreed upon no matter what country you're from. In Russia, voters from the Siberian city of Barnaul expressed their complete distrust of corrupt lawmakers in a recent poll, with an overwhelming 91% selecting a cat as the best candidate for mayor.

The people have spoken! The residents of Barnaul, a city of over 700,000 people in the West Siberian Plain, have been dealing with corrupt politicians for a while now, and they have had enough. The last mayor of Barnaul, Igor Savintsev, was forced to step down after it was uncovered that he sold city-owned land to organizations associated with members of his family, which ended up costing the local taxpayers 11 million rubles, which is about 157,000 dollars. Meanwhile, Igor's son Maxim is awaiting trial for embezzlement. 

To voice their displeasure with the dishonest Savintsev father and son team, and so many like them, voters decided that what would be best for them is if a cat became mayor. Barsik the cat is only 18 months old, but when he was included among the six other candidates for mayor in a recent poll, 91% of all respondents selected him. Distrust of lawmakers in Barnaul is so bad that a cat garnered over 5400 votes out of a total of less than 6000! Of course, Barsik is not an official candidate, so he can't actually run for office, but the voices of dissent stemming from the voters are being heard. "Residents doubt their competence and professionalism," said one of the poll administrators when asked about the local lawmakers. "And they do have a right to do so."

They certainly do. Too bad Barsik can't speak Russian, but he does have a spokesperson, who stated, "Like it or not, Barsik is part of the political establishment of the region, and he will not give up on his political ambitions."

The next mayor of Barnaul

The choice is clear

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