It seemed like everyone was coming clean this week, whether they were forced by circumstance, conscience, or wanting to make a love connection. Everyone but the head of KTOP, that is. Confessions can be ground-shaking, they can be the foundations of new or closer relationships, and they can sometimes bring justice. Which of these confessions were you happy to see? Which went the best? Which confessions do you think might bring doom to our band? Join Logan, DeShonda, and me, Kate, as we discuss this week’s episodes of Entertainer.

Logan: I have to say that I was relieved to see we are finally starting to make some progress on the romantic highway this week. Although, depending on which OTP you’re shipping there could either be some excitement or some potential heartbreak. It was a pretty nerve-wracking cliffhanger to have Ha Neul confessing his feelings to Geu Rin and I must say the way he did it made my skin crawl a bit. How did you ladies feel about it?


DeShonda: When Ha Neul expressed his feelings to Geu Rin I was a little nervous. I have a feeling that ship may sink and lead to heartbreak. I can understand how you feel about it Logan. I am very nervous of the outcome. I still believe that Geu Rin and Suk Ho have some chemistry and will more than likely be a couple. There were so many signs that Suk Ho likes her and I think Geu Rin is still a bit clueless about it, but she may be catching on finally. And I also am liking Yeon Soo and Min Joo together. I love how she is with Chan Hee. She is like a mother to him and she cares about him. Yeon Soo is noticing this and he is liking her even more.

Kate: Aww, that is a ship that I thought was foundering this week when Chan Hee’s mother showed up. I knew that she had left them, but she left when Chan Hee was 3 months old? How devastating. For a hot minute I was worried that the drama would re-unite Yeon Soo and Chan Hee’s mother--and I’m not entirely ruling that out as a possible outcome yet--but my heart broke for her. While I can’t agree with what she did, I sympathize for the situation and wish that she and Yeon Soo could work out a way for her to develop a relationship with Chan Hee, even if she is getting married. But Min Joo stepped in to comfort them both in the end, so I still have great hope for that relationship to blossom.


Logan: Honestly, I thought Yeon Soo was way too easy on Chan Hee’s mom. I understand that he didn’t want there to be any bad blood, but the fact that she asked to see Chan Hee only to leave again right away. I feel like it would have been better if she had stayed away for good. It’s one thing to abandon your kid once, but she essentially did it twice. I lost all control of my emotions when poor little Chan Hee sat there sobbing. I was sobbing right along with him. Thank goodness for Min Joo. I have no doubt in my mind that her and Yeon Soo are meant to be at this point. Did you notice how she pushed Yeon Soo out of the way so that she could be the one to comfort Chan Hee? As if she wasn’t already the coolest second female lead ever, she just proved herself female lead material in my book.

DeShonda: I agree with you Logan. I also thought that Yeon Soo was not being harsh enough on Chan Hee’s mother. I was very suspicious when she showed up at the fanmeet for the band. I thought that she was there because now that Yeon Soo is gaining fame, and making more money, she would try to sneak back in his life for financial reasons. But, I was incorrect as she wanted to see her son. I also thought that Chan Hee did not know she was his mother. But this little boy, (as most children are) is smarter than the adults around him. He is very well aware what is going on. And I really admire Yeon Soo even more for raising his son on his own.

Kate: My overwhelming feeling about her was that she had a deep sadness. I wonder what kind of home life this young woman had. It reminded me of Jae Hoon and his mother’s relationship. Chan Hee’s mom’s mother just pushed and pushed until she left Chan Hee and Yeon Soo. Throw in some postpartum depression and the strong (much stronger than in the US) bias against unmarried mothers in Korea, and her situation was ripe for mom convincing her to go home. As much as she has made bad decisions, I hope that Chan Hee can get a relationship both with her and with Min Joo--as a new step mom of course! Min Joo really took to it at Chan Hee’s concert, and definitely knew what to do to comfort him. All she needs is to learn to rinse his food and pour his water and she’s got the whole mom thing down.


Logan: Thankfully Chan Hee has a good father in Yeon Soo no matter what happens. I was so proud of Yeon Soo for claiming Chan Hee as his son in front of all his fans. And I was even prouder how his bandmates didn’t hesitate for a second to stand behind him. Even Kyle, who shows more and more heart as the drama goes on. It was very telling of how adamantly supportive he was saying that there was nothing wrong with taking care of your kid. Add that to the fact that he got so defensive about people who were adopted a couple of weeks ago and there is strong evidence to say that he was likely adopted or has some sort of “birth secret”.

DeShonda: I am enjoying seeing the new Kyle. I did notice he was not as outspoken in these episodes as he has been before. I really like seeing this side of him because it does show his softer side. However, with him being too quiet makes me think that he still has some skeletons in the closet as well Logan. I’m sure there is still much more to his story as well.


Kate: Kyle also has this bit of adorable obliviousness to him that still speaks a little to his self-centeredness, though it is much less negative than the way he used to act towards the others in the group. I found it funny when he overheard part of Ha Neul and Yeon Soo’s conversation about Ha Neul’s feelings for Geu Rin. I didn’t think that Kyle would fall for Ha Neul’s lie about them talking about how wonderful a person Kyle was because it was such a bad one, but he did. I was hoping he would get in on that secret now too. Ha Neul needs as many people scheming to help him as he can get at this point. Kyle could have stopped the group outing to look at stars, instead, Ha Neul’s confession is on a group outing rather than a romantic evening.

Logan: We’ve already learned that Kyle can’t keep a secret for anything so it’s probably best that he remains in the dark for now. I was hoping that Ha Neul’s confession could have been a little romantic for his sake. Instead, he just kind of sprung his feelings on her in a really forward manner. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ha Neul. He’s my favorite. But I imagine someone I thought of like a brother confessing that he’s in love with me and telling me we should date all at once and I am massively creeped out. It would have been nice if he could have eased her into his feelings.

DeShonda: I also wish Ha Neul would have made a more romantic gesture in confessing his feelings to Geu Rin. But he is so shy he really doesn’t know how to do it. Like you mentioned Kate, he needed all the help he can get on how try and woo Geu Rin.

Kate: Especially while Suk Ho is working the umbrella of romance. Seriously, Hyeri’s last series had multiple romantic umbrella-sharing moments in it as well, and now that Suk Ho and Geu Rin are wooing by rain gear, it is making me wonder a little about Korean umbrellas and courtship. As you mentioned earlier, DeShonda, I think that it is starting to dawn on Geu Rin that Suk Ho has feelings for her, and watching that develop is sweet, even if I don’t fully ship them. But I do think that their relationship has been a good indicator of how Suk Ho has changed throughout the series. He is more willing to open up with others about his feelings, and work as a team. He definitely gained some ground this week in his pursuit for justice regarding the Ji Young incident. What did you both think about the developments regarding that? Where is KTOP headed next in their attempt to beat Suk Ho?


Logan: Yeah, umbrellas seem to be a recent theme in a lot of Kdramas lately. I guess that’s just another in the list of Kdrama tropes. Although, it’s one that I kind of like. They make something as simple as sharing an umbrella seem so intimate. I’ll admit I’m finally starting to be okay with the Suk Ho-Geu Rin romance and that’s because I’m finally starting to feel some chemistry between the two. It took awhile, but the romantic tension is finally there and at one point I even found myself rooting for them. Although if I had to choose an OTP it would be Yeon Soo and Min Joo.

DeShonda: I have noticed that the umbrella is a common theme in K Dramas as well. I think it’s cute and I would have never thought that rain, let alone an umbrella would be romantic at all. The K Drama Gods changed my mind on that theory long ago. I am so happy you are shipping Suk Ho and Geu Rin Logan because I have been shipping those two since the beginning. And when it comes to shipping, you are usually correct. As far as the Ji Young incident Kate, first I am so happy and shocked that Ji Woo confessed! I figured he had to because his conscious was eating away at him to the point that he could not take it anymore. I was also glad that Suk Ho was there to comfort him after he confessed to the media what happened. That took a lot of guts on his part to come clean about that. I was also glad that Ji Young confessed as well, even if it took Suk Ho to scare it out of her. I loved how Suk Ho just has a way to make someone confess. That dressing room scene with the pictures was great to watch. I knew she was trapped then and had nowhere to go when Suk Ho flashed those pictures. Her ship was sunk.

Kate: I’m sure the head of KTOP has a few more tricks up his sleeve, if no for other reason than there are still six episodes left. I am surprised that Ha Neul was cleared so quickly, but it makes sense that Suk Ho would also make it his mission to clear Jin Woo as well. There is definitely still the implied scandal that KTOP stole Ha Neul’s brother’s songs after he died, with the help of Suk Ho. I’m just waiting for that bomb to explode all over the close-knit relationships Suk Ho has developed with Ha Neul AND Geu Rin.

Logan: I was relieved when Ha Neul’s name was cleared, but not as relieved as I’d expected. And I think that’s because even though we don’t know him really well, I’ve come to root for Jin Woo as well. He really showed by great character by revealing Ha Neul’s innocence and I don’t think he did anything wrong. In fact I’m almost 100% certain that Ji Young pulled him onto her. I won’t feel comfortable until his name is cleared too and I’m glad Suk Ho feels the same way. It’s going to devastate Ha Neul when he find out that Suk Ho may have had a hand in his brother’s death and knowing how Kdrama timing works, I’m sure it’ll coincidence with bitterness towards him “stealing” Geu Rin from him. 

What romances do you think will develop further?  Will Jin Woo and Ha Neul find justice in regards to KTOP's underhanded dealings?  What bombshells are coming next?  Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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