The highs are high and the lows are low this week as Suk Ho discovers his protege from Jackson, Jin Woo, is implicated in the framing of Ha Neul for sexual assault and realizes KTOP will make it difficult for any band connected to him to ever succeed. After breaking up the band, Geu Rin and Min Joo start kicking butt and taking names, and keep hope for the band alive, while Suk Ho disappears. Re-energized by a long rest and a pep talk, Suk Ho is ready to do what it takes to get Entertainer off the ground and clear Ha Neul’s name. Will it be enough to beat the machinations of Suk Ho’s former band manager Kim Joo Han? Are you still believing? Join Logan, DeShonda, and me, Kate, as we discuss this week’s episodes of Entertainer.


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Kate: I can’t believe how much happened this week! My favorite part of episode 5 was probably the way Min Joo and Geu Rin up and supported the dream of the band when Suk Ho had given up hope. It was nice to see Min Joo especially get a little more character development (secret chaebol!!) and Geu Rin protect Kyle at the police station. The ladies were really getting things done when the guys were having a hard time keeping their jobs.

Kicking Butt Ent5.JPG

Logan: I’ll admit that I felt really indifferent to both Geu Rin and Min Joo before this week. Even more than that, I found a detraction since they took away from the characters I like. However, I was totally won over the instant that Geu Rin took on the big sister role for Kyle. Watching her take care of everyone, not just her and Ha Neul, really made her character shine through. And I was expecting Min Joo to take the role of the cliche, naysaying second female lead but she really impressed me when she took over caring for the kids when Suk Ho disappeared. Which, by the way, was really a jerk move.


DeShonda: I was not a big fan of Geu Rin and Min Joo at first, until they stepped up to the plate and helped the boys come together again. There was some serious adulting going on here and I love it. As you mentioned Kate, I enjoyed seeing more character development from Min Joo and Geu Rin as well and I hope to see more. I have a feeling that these ladies are going to be the glue that holds everyone together. It was a really nice gesture for Geu Rin to find a rehearsal space and a home for all of the boys to live in. Oh I did not like it when Suk Ho just disappeared out of thin air either Logan. But in his defense, he needed some time away to think about things, get himself together and make a plan for the next move. It was very sad to see him all alone and crying at the fish market. Our poor Suk Ho was just down on his luck.

Kate: Min Joo’s hair and costuming even changed after she took charge. She went from subdued and in her ponytail and glasses to wearing her hair long and stylishly arranged in a pretty sweet white suit. Regarding Suk Ho’s behavior, I agree Logan, that it was a jerk move, though I thought it was in some ways somewhat negated by the fact that he had found them jobs before he left and broke up the band. His scene with Yeon Soo and Chun Hee was so terribly sweet. Suk Ho felt terrible for giving them false hope about success with a band, but Yeon Soo was so happy that he had gotten a much needed push out of his crappy old job and old life. Suk Ho even found him a teaching job, which is a lot more than I think old Suk Ho would have done. There already seems to be a change in him.


Logan: The fact that he got them all jobs kind of made it worse for me. He had given them all this hope to dream when they wouldn’t have dared before, but then he’s leaving and helping them land these day jobs which - although they may be good jobs - are not their dreams. But in the end he came back. And I thought it really said something how patiently they all waited for him. For 6 months!!! When they hadn’t even known him all that long to begin with. Yet, Jackson betrayed him so easily.

DeShonda: I cried at the scene you mentioned Kate with Yeon Soo and Chun Hee it was very nice of Suk Ho to help him and the other band members out. I can tell he felt very bad about everything that happened with the members, so he had to do something in order to help them out. He promised them so much and then they were all let down. I was happy to see him back with the band members as well.


Kate: That time hop was a little inelegant. I could have easily believed that it had been 4-6 weeks since they had found an apartment in Seoul, moved, and looked liked they were starting to develop a new routine together (which must have involved eating a lot of curry!), but they needed a couple more transition scenes or montage to evoke a little more passage of time. Saying it had been six months seemed jarring.

Logan: I completely agree, Kate! I think part of what made the transition a tad unsatisfying was because it was not an insignificant event, them all moving in together. It was a landmark event, rather. In that moment they went from being 3 (5 really) strangers in a band to a family. This is what K-drama dreams are made of! It warmed my heart to highest degree to know that they had spent these months together but I wanted to be a part of it happening, too. Still, I’m glad to see them all together. This is really a ragtag bunch that works better together than apart.


DeShonda: I agree with you ladies. I was a little confused about the timing as well. But then I figured out that they were together for awhile. It would have been nice to see this transition happen I think too.

Kate: Speaking of together, I was glad to see them finally add a drummer to their group. And what a drummer! I’m not sure I could find a better descriptor for Jae Hoon than adorkable. He was so excited to join the band, no matter what their difficult pasts were. He even found it exciting that they had wild pasts. He’s no grandpa drummer, I find him a delightful addition to our little bunch. I wanted to cheer him on when he questioned whether they’d checked to see if Kyle had been and Julliard. Kyle had a few gentler moments during these episodes, such as when he was so overjoyed to have Suk Ho back or concerned about Chun Hee’s head injury, but his stubbornness sometimes gets on my nerves because Yeon Soo and Ha Neul don’t always push back at him. He is a person who definitely needs someone to keep him and his inflated ego in line. Hopefully as manager Geu Rin can help with that, too!


Logan: Jae Hoon is a great final addition to Entertainer. That kid has been waiting for an excuse to become a rock star his whole life, you can just tell. The fact that he embraces the “flaws” of the group members as eccentricities that make their band unique shows he has the exact attitude they need as part of their group. I’m still partial to Kyle. I think he admitted to Suk Ho earlier that he dropped out of Julliard and I don’t think I ever heard him say to his band mates that he graduated. So I do think he went, he just doesn’t want them to know he didn’t finish. I think he really cares about his band mates and even though he’s prickly at first once he’s loyal I feel like he’ll be loyal forever.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Kate! I totally love Jae Hoon (who is played by L.Joe of Teen Top). Jae Hoon is like a ray of sunshine. He did not judge anyone because of their rough lives, this kid just wants to play his drums, and be in a band. And one can’t help but to love his attitude and free spirit. Oh and I the fact that we got to see some emotion to Kyle. The fact that he cried when Suk Ho came back shows that he does have a soft side and he is not always arrogant. I hope this caring side comes out more in future episodes. Logan, you and I think alike! I have a feeling that Kyle did not finish Julliard either. I think there is much more to his story that we have not learned about as of yet.

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Kate: I’m really not sure where the love lines are going to go in the show, which is interesting. Yes, it’s Suk Ho and Geu Rin that show up in the credits, but that pairing has gotten minimal attention so far. I’m still a little frustrated by the age gap, especially since Min Joo has been caring about him and helping him all along and he hasn’t noticed her feelings for him. Still, during their driving practice Suk Ho really succeeded in acting immature enough that the age gap between he and Geu Rin seemed less substantial. After your comments about Ha Neul and Geu Rin last week, I am also still worried about that being developed as a romantic possibility. Was Ha Neul’s teasing Geu Rin about Suk Ho this week simple foster brotherly teasing? Or was it tinged with some jealousy?

Logan:I still feel no romantic connection between Suk Ho and Geu Rin, but I think what will eventually bring them together is the fact that they both act as an older siblings to these ‘kids’ and try to take care of everyone. It’s an admirable trait that they share. Sad though, because I feel like Suk Ho and Min Joo have great chemistry. The Ha Neul-Geu Rin situation is looking scary. Ha Neul seems to be getting jealous and the way he looks at her makes me almost certain my worst fears are coming true. There is no trope I hate more than the “Un-biolgical siblings turned love interests”.

DeShonda: The romance connections have multiple possibilities. The one that would be logical is Suk Ho and Min Joo. I can tell that there is something between these two or maybe they were in a relationship before perhaps. However, Geu Rin and Suk Ho were fighting like a married couple during the driving lesson. But I did notice Ha Neul catch some jealous feelings when he saw Geu Rin and Suk Ho together. I know they are not blood related but, it is obvious that Ha Neul has some feelings for Geu Rin. One more possible romance connection is Geu Rin and Yeon Soo based on the previous episode.


Kate: I would like to see Geu Rin with Yeon Soo, DeShonda!  No matter what Suk Ho's romantic feelings are for anyone, he definitely cares about the band. Taking his character from the guy who didn’t care about giving credit to the songwriter and didn’t notice that his favorite member of Jackson was having problems to seeing him recite the names of each group member as a mantra to help him after he was humiliated and begging for the station manager to give Entertainer’s song a chance shows how much he has changed, and how he is focused on doing what he needs to do for the group, even swallowing his pride to do so. I’m just worried about what tricks KTOP might pull next.

Logan: Very true, Kate. Suk Ho’s already had a lot of character development and we’re only 3 weeks in. It’ll be interesting to see how much more he develops as the drama goes on. I really like the approach he’s taking when facing off against KTOP. The “go ahead and do what you want to us, we’ll find a way to overcome it” approach. Very refreshing to see. It makes all the horrible things you know KTOP is going to do to them seem not so bad. Although KTOP’s CEO is clearly the worst human being ever. How about that shocker that he killed Ha Neul’s brother !?! I knew I didn’t trust that guy.

DeShonda: I was not expecting that at all! I was surprised that the CEO of KTOP killed Ha Neul’s brother. I thought the culprit would have been someone else for sure but he seemed up to no good from the very beginning. And I am happy to see the character development of our Suk Ho as well. So far he gets my vote for most improved.

Kate: I’m not surprised by the connections between someone at KTOP and Ha Neul’s brother’s murder. I knew SOMEONE in the small world on the show would have to have been responsible for Ha Neul’s brother’s death, and when Suk Ho’s old friend the landlord looked so distraught, I was concerned that it was him. That was enough of a red herring for me to be surprised about KTOP’s CEO. Hopefully that’s enough dirty laundry to allow Entertainer and Suk Ho weak spot in KTOP’s armor so that they have a chance to succeed. I hope someone goes to jail, though. So far here’s too much blackmail and not enough justice for all the crimes that have been perpetrated. Ha Neul, a completely innocent party, so far has been the only one prosecuted for anything.

Logan: Hear, hear! I hope that soon these kids can get away from all this horrible drama and focus more on the music. I, for one, am more than ready to hear much more of the musical stylings of the Entertainer band now that we have a drummer. After all, we’ve already this far and still have heard so little. I want to see them put on a great performance and blow everyone out of the water. 

Are you excited to hear Entertainer play?  Who's your favorite band member?  Which couple are you shipping?  Let us know in the comments below.

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