hongsukchun Entertainer Hong Suk Chun got macho in a recent episode of Blue Tower. Unlike the image that he portrays in variety shows, Hong Suk Chun surprised viewers with his newly found rough-and-tough charms. The entertainer played the role of Lieutenant Hong, the soldier of all soldiers, who has been nicknamed "Terminator" for placing first in the Strongest Privileged Soldier contest. Hong Suk Chun was to play the lieutenant who sets the rules and straightens up the soldiers that took the new general as a joke. It was also reported that he did an excellent job in showing a comedic side to the rather serious character, using his experience from past sitcom and comedy experiences. The series has been garnering much interest amongst the Korean media and netizens for its comedic and top actors. Have you seen Blue Tower? What do you think? (Source: http://www.news.nate.com)