D-List entertainer Amy recently chatted about her recent stint in jail after being found guilty of abusing the drug propofol. A few months ago, the entertainer was said to have passed out at a nail salon after allegedly using the drug. Time in jail seemed to have enlightened the entertainer. She told tvN's E-News: “I met a lot of people in prison. I used the room with nine other people. It was my first time living with someone else. I realized the joy of small things. Being in prison was actually better for me. I returned to square one, and I earnestly realized I’d done something wrong. It was like I went back to my more innocent days.” Still, some people don't want to see her back on TV yet.

Propofol was also the same drug allegedly abused by the late singer, Michael Jackson.

What do you think—is it too soon for Amy's return? Happy to have her back? Tell us in the comments below!

(Source: www.allkpop.com)

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