Entertainment Weekly proclaimed the increasing popularity of K-dramas in an article titled "Korean dramas: A beginner's guide," in the latest sign that Americans are loving television from other countries.

The article highlighted the main reasons for Korean dramas' growing popularity, saying, "These shows tend to come in self-contained 16- to 20-episode seasons, making them easily digestible. Another: If you don’t speak Korean, watching one demands your full attention (subtitles!), meaning you get sucked in that much more quickly. And then there are the dramas themselves — endearingly theatrical and kooky, with a sweetness that can be tough to find in grittier American fare."

They went on to quote DramaFever's senior content manager Jacqueline Sia, who added, “Their portrayal of love is a little more PG. Korean dramas can spend 16 episodes getting to the point where the leads kiss.”

As recommendations for those new to the genre, Entertainment Weekly suggested watching classic Korean shows such as Boys Over Flowers, Coffee Prince, My Lovely Sam Soon, Gu Family Book, City Hunter, Vampire Prosecutor, or My Love From Another Star on Hulu and DramaFever.

It's great to see that Korean dramas are beginning to get the media attention worldwide that they deserve, allowing more people to join in on the fun. What reasons do you have for watching Korean dramas? What dramas would you recommend to newcomers?