Hello viewers and welcome to the Scarlet Heart Drama Club! The drama has turned into an intense run of princes going after other princes, more treason, hiding friends from the palace and a little romance all into this mix. Join Logan, Tiara and I as we discuss this very emotional week of episodes. 

Logan: Wow! There are a lot of emotions that went through my mind, and heart, and intermittently through my tear ducts this week. Let’s start with the elephant in the room- Wang So’s marriage. I mean historically we saw it coming, but that didn’t prepare me emotionally. How is everyone else dealing with it?

Tiara: The act of seeing So protecting the Princess just made me fall more in love with if that’s possible. He sees sending the girl to Khitan is like how his mother sent him off at a young age. She will be a hostage and nothing more. It’s a win-win in the moment sane mind of his King Brother. It’s just sucks because Soo finally made her mind and he’s been waiting forever for her. So knows she doesn’t like the idea of multiple wives evening if the Princess is too young right now.

June: I felt so bad for the little Princess and I was glad So got to help her but I did not like the fact that he had to marry her because the King thought that was a good idea. Right when we got Soo and So closer together, this went and happened. Sighs! It was super sad seeing So and his flashbacks on what had happened to him when he was wonder and he was right. The Princess would have probably been more of a hostage.

Logan: I mean, I definitely would have hated So if he let the Princess go off to get married as a hostage. It’s just not in his character. But it’s like you said, Tiara, after over 3 years Soo finally opens up her heart and now this- after she specifically made known her hatred of having multiple wives. Her reaction to finding out about it, from someone besides So no less, made me a little angry toward him. He really should have been more considerate towards her in that moment. I’m sure he was scared about facing the reality that she wouldn’t want to be with him. I have to give him props for not even wanting to dream that they could still be together because he respects her beliefs and priorities.

Tiara: You’re right, So should have told her from the beginning. He felt he had broken his promise to her which I can understand why he choose to not say anything at first. It’s the moment when he finally tells her the truth behind the marriage and Soo tells him about hiding Jung in her room that had me fangirling out. The moment where they promise not to lie to one another. They may choose not to talk about something, but no direct lies. I just wished Soo would trust So a little bit more.

June: Yeah, I wish he would have told her first and to her face and not her finding out from someone else. I also want Soo to trust So more! I mean they really care for each other but I feel like she still holds back a little on So and still doesn’t trust him fully.

Logan: I was fangirling too! The look on his face when he realized that she thought he did the right thing and that she accepted him still- that look was worth a 14 episode wait. And then their first consensual kiss was just the icing on top of the cake. I agree that she needs to trust him more. I really like that Eun’s wife called her out on not trusting him and then Soo kind of realized she was trusting a vision over what she had seen of his character. I was surprised she never told him that Eun was in her room. I guess she thought it might incriminate So, but maybe he’d have a better chance of getting them out. Which by the way….WHY!?!

Tiara: Fingers cross for more kisses from our couple because I believe we’ve been patient as much as So has. Those vision are just messing everything up. I don’t believe the vision are not what Soo thinks they are. She’s only giving a brief peek of the future back during Eun’s wedding. She only sees So swinging the sword down on Eun, but not what happens after or the why. She’s interpreting the visions with very little content. Plus, Yo’s alive thanks to So going easy on him. I don’t see So hunting down his brothers like an animal for Yo. I’m suspecting this will be a set up on So’s part to make it look like he’s done the evil deed to protect his love ones.

June: OH MY GOSH! The kiss finally happened where she has given him her consent!! I wish this would have been the first kiss to be honest! I want more kisses too from this couple! These visions and So seem like they aren’t happening the way we first saw them play out and I really hope they don’t. I just wish Soo wouldn’t trust them so much. We’ve already seen So torn up about ‘killing’ his brother, who is very much alive. I just can’t see him intentionally hurting his brothers, unlike the 8th and 3rd princes.

Logan: I second that vote for more kisses! We deserve it at this point-we’ve been through a lot with this drama. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle Eun’s death. It seems pretty inevitable at this point, though. Like why, out of all the princes, does the child-like one have to be hunted? And just when he and his wife finally are acting like a couple-after three years being married. Yo is definitely cruel, but he’s not stupid either. I am glad that he hasn’t hurt Soo but it also makes me really scared for how he’s going to use her in the future not only against So but possible Baek Ah and Jung and Wook because let’s face it- they all love her in one way or another.

Tiara: Eun maybe a child-like Prince, but he has some powerful family members. His wife’s father alone has an army who could decide to kick Yo off the throne if he wanted. It’s only a matter of time before the other Princes’ start getting picked off. So is spared only because they have the same mother and he wants to try to tame a wolf. Which leads me to Wook who was the mastermind behind the death of his brother and learning the trick to keep So on a leash. Wow, he went full darkside. I’m not surprised, but darn he’s getting scary to be look at. He’s more frightening than the Evil Queen Mother and Yo combine.

June: Wook is definitely calculating and is on the darkside for sure. I felt bad for his mom because she was like “I did not raise my son to be a traitor” and I feel like if it all goes down she’ll pay the price for it somehow. I’m going to be a mess with the Eun and Soon Deok situation. I can already see it happening and I hope Soon Deok’s father gathers his army and seriously takes down Yo! I felt so sad when Eun was asking Soo about his family members. I hated how they just killed everyone because of Yo’s selfish reasons.

Logan: That’s true. Eun is powerful by association. Going full darkside is the perfect way to describe what’s happening to Wook. Can we just take a moment here to recognize the genius that is Kang Ha Neul. His acting skills are extraordinary in the fact that he makes me simultaneously hate his character and love him as an actor. Props! But yeah, he is going to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Which I’m not really sure what it is at this point. I thought he was still into Soo, but then he told Yo that he could use Soo against So. Why would he put her in jeopardy like that if he really cared for her? I’m actually excited to see him go down the dark path further in a weird way because I’m loving Ha Neul’s acting.

Tiara: Kang Ha Neul is really knocking it out of the park with his performance. I’m with you Logan on the hate and love part. I’m wondering if Yeon Hwa understands the monster she created because when he told his mother and her about why he’s living his life it was downright cold and scary. He wants to protect his family and heart by being a horrible human being to get the throne. He’s lost his humanity and doesn’t feel sorry for anything anymore. Doesn’t he get the more down the darkside will make sure Soo never looks at him ever again? He may have sent Chae Ryung to Soo but it wasn’t really for her. His first thought was how to kill his King-Brother.

June: He is doing a fantastic job at playing Wook and the dark side for sure!

Logan: Wook’s mom looked horrified when she realized what happened to him-like she wished she could take it all back. In another life he could have been a good man to Soo. I feel that way about most of the princes though. Like Jung, for example, who is just coming to terms with his feelings for Soo. I would totally ship the two if the 4th prince wasn’t in the picture. I mean, after all, Jung has always earnestly tried to protect Soo. His power is limited so sometimes all he can do is beg others to protect her for him. Still, I love their relationship and wish Soo had a twin so that Jung could get the girl, too. I’ve got to admit I have a soft spot for him.

Tiara: Wook could’ve been the perfect husband, but he made his choice and will have to deal with the consequence. As for Jung and Soo, never going to happen. Honesty, I’m not a big fan of Jung. It’s probably my bias towards So, and I just don’t understand why Jung has so much animosity towards his own brother. So has done nothing to cause such dislike toward Jung. A bit of the blame is all of the Evil Queen Mother for poisoning Jung towards So. However, So’s been in the palace for years now and he could’ve come to understand his brother. I mean So is just a big teddy bear really. Maybe if I could understand Jung’s motivations… oh who am I kidding.

June: I like Jung but I am aboard the So + Soo ship all the way and I don’t think I’ll ever get off! I think Soo definitely just sees Jung as a younger brother and I do like how he always wants to protect her. It’s nice having an ally like that.

Logan: No, I don’t think Soo and Jung are a possibility either and I don’t want them to be because I do think Soo and So belong together. I’m just saying in a different reality they maybe could have worked. I appreciate his earnestness in looking after her, almost more than So but not quite. The Evil Queen Mother is awful but not quite enough where she makes an excellent villain. I kind of just get annoyed when she’s on screen now. Haha. For that reason, I kind of liked that Yo put her in her place and was basically like “Okay, you can look pretty but I’m the King.” She did not like that.

Tiara: I’m sorry Logan, I just can’t agree in any reality for Jung and Soo. Plus, I really like the noona and dongsaeng non-romantic relationship. Soo’s got enough romance and it would be nice to have someone who doesn’t want her heart. Yo is putting everyone in their place is a highlight. Seeing him do it to Mommy Dearest was awesome. Yeon Hwa being sent off to Khitan for marriage much to her displeasure is another win. I fear there will be some women conspiring against the new King. I just hope So doesn’t go trying to protect another Princess being married off to Khitan again. I know those two get married in history, but I don’t like her. I want more happy times with Soo and So. Come on Drama gods, I think all of us fans have been good and should be rewarded with hugs and kisses from our OTP.

June: Oh dear k-drama lords, I really hope we don’t have So marry Yeon Hwa. She is seriously so mean and evil and is basically a mini Evil Queen in the making. I hated how she tried to force Soo to leave So. I also think she is the one that snitched about Eun’s whereabouts and how Soo was hiding him and his wife.

Logan: That’s fair. We’ll have to agree to disagree. Lol. Although I’m willing to admit I may just be biased towards Jung because of my love for Jisoo. Yo isn’t actually being as vicious as I first feared he would. Yeah, he’s done some cruel things so far but I thought he would literally just kill all of his family. And so far he’s only killed one and attempted to kill two others. So really, he’s exceeding my expectations. Haha. But yeah, I’m over Yeon Hwa. She’s another character that just bores me. She really doesn’t have a lot of power but keeps seeming to think that she does. It’d be best for everyone if she just got sent off to Khitan.

Tiara: In history, Yo only rules for 4 years. Fingers cross we can gloss over most of his rule. Watch the drama punishes us with two more episodes of his rule. It will be interesting to see how he plans to keep his title of King. Considering his father would marry into every powerful family to keep them from going out of line, I don’t see him being able to control them. He may have control on some of his brothers, but I’m hoping these families start stepping out of line. Yo’s going to make a lot of enemies who are going to side with So in the end.

June: I agree. I am already tired of his ruling and he seriously is probably going to go off the deep end soon. He’s been so greedy for the throne, that it’ll probably make him go crazy with paranoia or something.

Logan: Ugh, I’m getting seriously tired of this time hops. It’s nice to not have to focus on the not so great part, but at the same time that means it’s just longer until So and Soo get to be together for real. Then again who knows if that’s even going to happen. This doesn’t seem like a drama where we’re going to have a happy ending- at least not for everyone. I know the original Chinese version had a sort of melancholy ending and I tried to convince myself that they wouldn’t do that to us, but unfortunately I think I was wrong.

Tiara: The time hops make me feel we’ve missed out on the character’s growth. We see some characters together and they come across as awkward and not as close as people who’ve been friends for years. I agree, Soo and So getting together has taking way too long than necessary. As an adaption choice, I wouldn’t have minded them being together earlier. I actually liked the ending for Scarlet Heart. It was a bittersweet ending with a flash of hope and a possible season 2. I just wished the second season was as good as the first.

Logan: The kingdom is a mess in any case. I was really hoping that with Moo on the throne, things would be good. Before he went all crazy with mercury poisoning, he was kind and fair. He even restored Soo to a place of honor. It’s really too bad that he had to die in such a way. And that So had to choose to honor Yo as the king in order to save Soo made it that much more tragic.

Tiara: Poor Moo … his rule is glossed over as well as his death. He was a good brother, and I expect he probably was good King it’s a shame he was given poison. He at least got to spent his remaining time with the people he loved like he told Astronomer Choi and So. If only things could’ve been different or did Soo really change history? Is her warning to Wook the catalyst which turned the star of a traitor to King?

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