desHello, everyone, and welcome to the Voice DramaClub! In these episodes, we discover that there is a mole amongst the precinct and we suspect who it might be, Kyung Il attempts to escape, but is met with deadly consequences, and a there's Trash House that holds a deadly secret. Join Marakeshparrow, Tiara, and I as we discuss these and other topics in this week's episodes of Voice.

Marakeshsparrow: Wow. What do I say? We had to wait a whole week for eps 5 & 6 and now I’m more frustrated than anything. Where do I begin? So much happened, and yet I can’t seem to get past the whole “let’s take our criminal to the bathroom and leave him alone” thing. Why are these cops so incompetent? Or is it really that they’re just dirty cops? Because I’m having a hard time believing that they’d be so clueless about everything…

Tiara: The Violent Crimes Unit definitely are giving cops a bad name. I don’t think the detective that left Kyung Il in the restroom is part of the dirty cops, but he sure is the dumbest. Now Chief Jang is totally the mole. The phone call can’t be a misdirect from the drama because the clues indicate he’s the one. The frustration I had watching the cops being super dumb however the dude in black being in the restroom was a nice save for the drama. I was expecting Kyung Il to escape. Little did I expect him to be set on fire and killed. The assassin dude is totally killing him for being a witness to Kwon Joo’s dad’s murder. What do you think Kyung Il said to Kwon Joo before he die?

DeShonda: As I was watching the scene when Kyung Il went into the bathroom, I had a feeling that he was going to try and escape. I was shocked just as you were when he was killed. That person who killed him came out of nowhere. And I believe that he was killed because he was a witness in the murder of Kwon Joo’s father as Tiara. The mystery is what was Kyung Il trying to say to Kwon Joo. He could only get out the first beginning of the word. I hope we find out what he was trying to say to her.

Marakeshsparrow: So many questions! I agree Tiara, the moment with the assassin in black showing up in the bathroom was a MEGA surprise! Just when I was feeling that I had called a lot of the twists in this drama, they managed to surprise me. What I want to know is how Assassin Dude is “everywhere” --as in, how did he know that Kyung Il had told anything to Kwon Joo? Does he have super hearing as well, or does the mole really go that deep? But whatever the case, when he stepped out of that bathroom stall it was SUPER creepy. And good lord, strangling him then setting him on fire? This drama is pretty intense with the violence, I have to say. As for what Kyung Il said to Kwon Joo, that’s still a mystery. I wonder if we’ll ever find out?

Tiara: Chief Jang has probably informed the assassin’s guild all about the process of Kyung Il’s investigation and updated them too. Kyung Il said to Kwon Joo before his murder, he was talking pictures/videos. I’m wondering if he has evidence of the Raincoat Killer killing her dad. Is this what he was trying to say before he die? It explains the his brutal murder. I’m just worried about the dude in black. His organization is apart of human trafficking and murder. It makes me wonder if he’s just one of many assassins who do dirty jobs for the rich and powerful.

DeShonda: I think that Kyung Il has some kind of proof about the murder of Kwon Joo’s father.

Perhaps he was trying to tell her that he knows something important. That person in black definitely worries me too Tiara.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, he must have some really high-up connections. Kwon Joo was starting to wonder if the Police Chief was also connected to these crimes somehow. And I noticed that someone sent the Raincoat Killer notifications that Kwon Joo and Detective Moo had been at Fantasia asking the Madame questions--man, they can’t stay ahead of them! Their connections and moles go too deep! One thing that crossed my mind: the Raincoat killer does seem to be an assassin. All the kills he’s made recently have been about covering his tracks from the first murder of Detective Moo’s wife. So why did he kill her to begin with? What was the purpose? It couldn’t have just been random, that doesn’t seem to be his M.O. Do you think they’ll be an explanation for this, or is it something the drama overlooked?

Tiara: I’m not convince the Man in Black is the Raincoat Killer. The drama has been trying to misdirect us from the start. It seems like all the bad guys have jaw cracking issues which is taking me out of the story as it’s just too much of a coincidences. Both Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk know the choice of weapon the Raincoat Killer uses, the kettleball. We seen him use this weapon multiple times. If the Man in Black was the Raincoat Killer, why change his weapon? The kettleball is his M.O. I do believe they work together. How they work together is unclear, but there is a deeper conspiracy going on. We just haven’t cracked open it yet.

DeShonda: I agree Tiara. I think that the Raincoat Killer and the Man In Black are working together as well. And they are not the same person based on the weapon used. As you mentioned the question is how are they working together?

Marakeshsparrow: You make a really good point! I’ve been going on about how this drama hasn’t really surprised me, but their misdirection in this case got me! I thought it was a bit early for us to see who the Raincoat Killer really was, and you’re absolutely right--the fact that he didn’t use a kettle ball really shows that this wasn’t the same person. What has me confused is the jaw clicking. What is that? It doesn’t sound natural, and how can so many different people make that sound? And perhaps most important--who exactly are they trying to protect from being discovered? I’ve had a theory from the beginning that the Raincoat Killer is a wealthy politician’s son, or chaebol or something. He did seem to be a younger man (at least so I thought) which also leads me to believe you’re right about the Assassin and the Raincoat Killer being two different people. Good catch!

Tiara: Thanks marakeshsparrow. It’s hard to keep track of all the clues, but I just don’t feel right calling these two baddies the same yet. I think you are onto something about the Raincoat Killer. I wondered about the same thing. As to your questions above, the Raincoat Killer told Jin Hyuk’s wife she upset him. How she was able to upset a killer is unclear. All we know is she was bring her husband food and some how upset a serial killer. Maybe she’s like Kyung Il and was a witness to another of his kills? I think we’ll have to wait for more clues. As for the jaw cracking, I think all those baddies have TMJ. *shoulder shrug*

Marakeshsparrow: Hmmmm… so many questions. Another thing that has popped up now is a new dead body in the hoarding grandmother’s “trash house.” This is also mysterious since many were saying she has dementia, but the man who was supposedly attacking her said she does NOT have dementia. And then there’s a body in her cupboard! I’m intrigued to know how this is going to play out since the Assassin and other baddies were talking about some kind of work in the same neighborhood where Grannie’s Trash house is. Is it possible these stories are connected?

Tiara: Apparently, the deal is almost complete with the Townhouse. I think you’re right about the case being connected. I bet GP Development has a stake in the surrounding area. I’m wondering if Granny is the real homeowner or the dead body is. It’s all a little unclear what is going on, but Granny will have some explaining to do by hoarding a dead body.


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