Welcome back friends, there’s so much to cover this week. Certain misunderstandings were cleared up between Jin Wook and Yoo Mi while others were ignored. Confession timings were missed and the romance between our OTP starts to heat up. Does Yoo Mi finally discover what was really inside that jewelry box? Will our SLS finally gather his courage to finally confess before it’s too late? Or will he be doomed to watch Yoo Mi drift further and further away from him? Join Cici, Wendilynn and Firnlambe as they talk about what stood out the most to them during episodes 5 and 6 of My Secret Romance.

Cici: Well, things are progressing nicely. There was quite a lot of sweetness in these two episodes. I thought it was adorable the way Jin Wook keeps pestering Yoo Mi to prepare his meals on the weekends, just because he misses her. He obviously wants to test out the idea that he’ll get tired of her after 10 “not-a-dates”, but we all know better.

Firnlambe: Jin Wook is adorable, annoying because his way of wooing the girl is at best grade school playground level, but the epilogues really show us the flip side of the coin so it helps balance out the rude factor for me. I really, REALLY just want people to come clean about certain issues //cough cough// totally your brother not a dog //cough cough//…...I mean really! How hard is it to admit you were forced to babysit on multiple occasions.

Wendilynn: There are times I just want to slap Jin Wook upside the head for being an insecure bonehead, but then you get to scenes like little 4yr old Jin Wook eating alone…..always alone, and I melt like butter for him. This little boy finally has someone who he feels he can be vulnerable to, unlike Hye Ri who just wants him for his status. And I”m totally with you on little brother. Why does she keep calling him the dog? Why won’t she just say she’s babysitting her little brother?

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Cici: This is a real mystery to me. Especially now that Jin Wook knows that her mother is living with her. She’s missed so many opportunities to clear up any potential misunderstandings! And don’t get me started on the mom! Who plays her porn videos in front of a three year old kid???

Firnlambe: OMG….I’m re-watching Fall in Love with Me so my rage meter is touchy right now….DEAR LORD MOM AND HYE Ri!!!!! (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻ I just want to punch my computer screen each time they appear. Mom has no remorse and was clearly never meant to reproduce, and then Hye Ri is just so--so conniving! Her two faced personality is gonna be a blast to watch when our OTP really start being open with their feelings.

Wendilynn: These two women really do take the cake. I was shocked about Mom watching her porn videos in this. Not a scene I was ever expecting to see from this character. But considering how self absorbed she is, totally in character. Then she sneaks off so she can try and get on TV. Is anyone else amused that she and Hye Ri keep knocking heads? First at the food show and then in the hallway. There is something highly amusing about that.

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Firnlambe: I can safely say I am not amused, because I know that has great potential to be an EXTREME problem for Yoo Mi in a few episodes. My poor nervous soul can’t handle the suspense of that blow up.

Cici: I feel pretty secure about that, actually, given how Jin Wook is making it increasingly obvious that he isn’t interested in Hye Ri at all. Not that she is going to give up until he flat out devastates her with an emphatic rejection. I’m kind of looking forward to that. Plus, it’s nice that Secretary Matchy-Match is working behind the scenes in Yoo Mi’s favor, now that he realizes how Jin Wook feels about her.

Wendilynn: Also, lets add in Hyun Tae’s rejection of Hye Ri’s request for an interview. Thanks to her arrogance, he’s not going to be willing to give her that interview. All things considered, Hye Ri hasn’t been having a good week. Her attempt to show up Yoo Mi backfired immensely. She has her eye so far off left field that she has no ability to counteract why Yoo Mi is so special to Jin Wook.

Firnlambe: Oh I love that Hyun Tae had no idea who Hye Ri is. That is going to be glorious when she tried to contact him again for the interview. And I completely agree with you about Hye Ri’s week, and why she is so bad at seeing the error of her ways. But when you are obsessed you block out all logic so I guess I can kiiiiiiinda see why...who am I kidding--I can’t.

Cici: It all boils down to her arrogance. She automatically assumes that a) everyone knows who she is and b) she will always get what she wants. I look forward to her rude awakening. But speaking of Hyun Tae--while I don’t have SLS with him, I can appreciate what a good friend he is, and I do feel a bit sorry for him that he is so late recognizing his feelings for Yoo Mi. Wasn’t he adorable with little brother? It speaks highly of Hyun Tae that Yoo Mi could so casually ask him to watch the kid while she ran out to work on a Saturday.

Wendilynn: I have a hard time feeling sorry for Hyun Tae after this week. He had two… TWO...golden opportunities to confess and he chickened out. Then we learn that he’s been protecting her since they were high school. Dude….you have lost. She even basically confessed that she’s slept with Jin Wook and yet, again, Hyun Tae wasn’t listening. As far as I can see, he’s been to scared to actually make his case. And now that he’s got little Dong Goo calling him Dad, even facetiously, it’s just adding to the big misunderstanding that is coming.

Firnlambe: Secretary Matchy-Match catching on to the budding office romance is the best. I love that he (most likely) will do his best to find time to keep our OTP together. In regards to Hyun Tae though, I get major Gook Du vibes from him in terms of them both pinning after their long time friend...shut it yes I’m still in denial that Strong Woman really has ended...I felt no sympathy for Gook Du and I feel no sympathy for Hyun Tae. It’s been YEEEARS that he’s liked this woman, years, and still he can’t bring himself to say anything to her. I do feel a smidge sympathetic because taking that step is really a hard thing to do but he really can’t blame anyone but himself that things are turning out they way that they are.

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Cici: Well, if he could have seen how Yoo Mi reacted to Jin Wook’s hospitalization, he would have known that he stood zero chance. It was so cute that Jin Wook was doped up enough to not be able to tell whether she actually kissed him, or if it was just a very nice dream. And making her take responsibility for possibly being the one who made him sick by insisting that she eat ten meals with him? Can I please be forced to take that kind of responsibility?

Wendilynn: I have to admit that I get irritated by high handed behavior like that from kdramas. It really does bug me, even if it is coming from a place of desire of wanting to spend time with someone. But, as we learn how truly lonely Jin Wook is, I realize just how bright Yoo Mi must be to him. I mean, his house has most of the room unfurnished. How sad does that seem? As she tries to cheer him up or apologize with cute meals, or meals that cater to tastes he wants to try, you can see him falling for the care she is giving him.

Firnlambe: I found it hysterical that he was no longer able to take pictures of her lunches. Hopefully now that they have 8.5 not-a-dates left they will be able to work past their insecurities. Both cleared up the misunderstandings about their dating and Jin Wook at least acknowledged that there was a misunderstanding about the jewelry box. I can’t wait for her to figure out what’s really in the jewelry box. THAT is going to be a riot. Also can I just say….I reeeeeeally appreciate these epilogues. It's such a nice way to show us different sides to the story. I wish more shows did things this way.

We’ve reached the halfway point. Do you think Yoo Mi should just fess up about her brother? Is her brother really her son? How about the romance factor? Do you feel like the romance is progressing along nicely? Or do you feel like a massive wrench is just waiting to be tossed into the mix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We love reading your thoughts and theories each week.

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