Greetings Charlatans! Hopefully you haven’t gotten into too much mischief this week. We’ve now reached Week 3 and already our leading couple have backed themselves into nasty little corners that seem to keep them from their ultimate goal. Will Joon be able to utilize his tricks and bring his brother down a peg or two? Does Yeon Hee survive while being trapped under all that ice? Join DeShonda, Tiara and Firnlambe as they discuss the many twists and turns Joon and Yeon Hee have been up to in their journey towards their ultimate goals during this weeks Mirror of the Witch.

Tiara: Let’s jump right into things, Yeon Hee and Joon we knew would live. I mean it’s only episode 5, the leads can’t die yet. Yo Gwang got pretty hurt/possibly die until someone saved him. MIA, Hyun Seo. Did I forget anyone from the battle?

Firnlambe: True . . . it would be pretty poor planning on the writers if she died here. What I was more surprised about was, as already mentioned, Yo Gwang surviving. Who could it have been that saved him? Hyun Soo was out for the count at the time so I doubt it was him.

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing Firnlambe. It obviously was not Hyun Soo as the savior. I am still trying to figure that part out myself.

Tiara: Maybe Hyun Soo had a student hidden away somewhere just in case if the crap hit the fan. It’s a mystery I think we’re going to have to wait for answers. There’s a good chance the character hasn’t been introduced to us yet. Considering, there’s a 5 year time jump and some new characters (aka the rest of the cast) have been added. The story is taking it’s time for the whole cast to be included which is flowing really nicely.

Firnlambe: B-but I want the answers sooner rather than later . . . plus even more questions were asked this week. The main one for me being what was with the weird glow-y symbol on dear Older Brother’s neck. It certainly wasn’t the curse symbol. I have a sinking feeling it is a subconscious code for him to take out Yeon Hee whenever he finds her again.

DeShonda: I almost forgot about the 5 year flash forward Tiara. And I like the way the drama is flowing so far. It’s very character heavy so I know there are a lot of characters we have not met as of yet. We did get a chance to meet a new character Sol Kae. I was suspicious of her at first, but I think she might be a very good asset. I noticed the glowy symbol as well and it is different from the other symbol. I like your theory of how that may come into play Firnlambe.

Tiara: You’re totally on point Firnlambe about Poong Yeon’s neck symbol. Evil Mistress needed another lackey to find the hidden princess. I’m holding judgement on Sol Kae as I’m not sure where to put her. Older Brother isn’t the only puppet she’s using. My theory about who’s the Red Coat is it has to be Hyun Soo. Hong Joo is totally using her black magic and her old teacher to stop the Princess from breaking the curse.

Firnlambe: I don’t know. On one hand I agree that I thought it may be Hyun Soo as the Red Coat, but then he did the whole finger twitch thing and it made me second guess myself. I just hope it’s not because I would hate for him to be put through that.

DeShonda: That’s another mystery….The Red Coat. Just as you ladies stated, I also thought it was Hyun Soo, but I am hoping that it’s not. I’m not sure who it could be however.

Firnlambe: Watch . . . in a weird twist of fate it turns out to be Sol Kae.

Tiara: That’s not a bad theory either. The other mystery is the full moon and the Red Coat. Are they related to the illness of King Sunjo? The Crown Prince (Yeon Hee’s twin) die because Evil Mistress took the Smoke Snake. I’m assuming this is the curse? Anyhoo, the Queen is worried the curse on the royal family is still present. King Sunjo wants Poong Yeon to reestablish the Taoist Temple. He must know about the curse. 

Firnlambe: I totally forgot about the King’s sickness! Talk about a spiny situation. Why was the curse moved onto him? I mean, he was never a part of the original curse---at least I thought he wasn’t. I can’t keep all of these situations straight anymore. //glances to the east// Dear Kdrama Gods . . . . you’re going to start giving us more clues soon--right?

DeShonda: That’s mystery number 2 for me. I wondered why is the curse now moved to King Sunjo? I agree with you Firnlambe, I did not think he was a part of the curse at all. Hopefully we will get some clarification on this in future episodes. But it does have me wondering however.

Tiara: It’s when Grandma Queen used black magic to kick the old King off to replace him with one of her choosing. This started the curse on the Royal family originally until the Queen agreed to do anything to bare a child. It got a lot messier and more curses added. We’re a magical drama, we can’t have one curse. That would be too boring for ALL the other characters. ^-^

Firnlambe: Oh dear me, how foolish was I. Thinking there was only one curse.

DeShonda: It looks like we will be dealing with multiple curses ladies. Things are going to get very interesting and possibly more messy as well.

Tiara: Yeon Hee has spent the last five years trying to light candles to break her curse. I found it super interesting the 100 year old wishing tree could make your wishes come true. The murders old Brother is investigated all have the potion bottles she makes to grant the wishes. The Red Coat (aka The Huntsman) is clearly taking them and giving their them to the Evil Queen, I mean Evil Priestess. (Like my Snow White reference)

Firnlambe: Ooo Ooo Ooo! We’re counting Disney references now? On top of Snow White we also had another Queen grace this drama. Anyone think of Frozen or the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” when Yeon Hee was walking around at the beginning making things all frosty?

Tiara: I totally started singing “Let It Go” during that scene. ^-^

DeShonda: That’s what came to my mind instantly Firnlambe. I like how all of these Disney references are in this drama. I also found the 100 year old tree interesting as well. I had a feeling that The Red Coat had something to do with that. I felt bad about the young lady with the scar on her face who wanted to look pretty. I thought it was cute she had a crush on Heo Joon. I just didn’t like the way she was murdered.

Tiara: Joon’s gotten a lot colder after his mom’s death. His need for revenge against his tool of a brother is totally understandable. I’m already counting down the episodes until his death myself. I find it funny he’s still selling his medicines only now to gisaengs. I’m with you DeShonda, I love too how he treats the one gisaeng. He may not know about her crush, but I love how he tells her to just be herself.

Firnlambe: Joon is a total sweetheart with a bad track record. I was quite sad when mother died. Though if I have to be honest . . . it’s not like she couldn’t have gotten out on her own. Did you all see what the Tool Brother used to break down the wall? A stool. Now what do we do with stools . . . we sit or stand on them. This would have then placed her in a position where she could have just hoisted herself up and over--boom! Safely out of the burning building.

DeShonda: I was very sad when his mother died as well. Heo Ok was wrong for that and that scene was ugly to watch how Heo Ok treated her. And yes Firnlambe I agree, she could have gotten out as you mentioned, but unfortunately she was used as a stool instead of using a stool.

Tiara: Grr! The stool, I’m still trying not to thrown my computer after that scene. Yet, the drama needed our superhero to have motivation. Death of a parent is what comics do. Joon was so close to finally marking his Brother’s name off his prayer list. Darn you Lady Sohn for actually being smarter than your son. We we’re so close to seeing him dead.

Firnlambe: You go ahead and toss your computer at that scene Tiara, my scene of choice for computer harm was when Yeon Hee left her safety corner----again-----with potential disaster looming----again----why can’t she stay and just do as she’s told?

DeShonda: My blood pressure goes up every time Yeon Hee leaves the safe zone. So I know exactly how you feel Firnlambe. I wonder why she can’t just stay put either. She has to be aware of the dangers in leaving outside of it.

Tiara: Clearly she didn’t learn from her mistake the first time. She may not have the best reasons for leaving her cage, I mean home. Going to find Older Brother knowing she caused him to almost die the first time, um … hello, Yeon Hee, the curse isn’t broken yet. However, she needed to leave. She’s finished her Jedi training and ready to start a war against the Sith.

Will Yeon Hee's Jedi training prove to be worth it? How will Joon react when he finally meets up with her again, only to discover she now has the power to move objects with a single thought. More questions were asked and not enough answers were given but things are only just getting started. Will Hyun Soo be revealed to be the red cloaked stranger? Does Yeon Hee's precious Older Brother really have a subconscious curse placed upon him? Let us know in the comment section below what direction you think things will take moving forward, and we'll see you next week.


Mirror of the Witch

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