Hello everyone and welcome back to the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club! This week we were thrown into a loop with rain rituals, Hae Soo having some dilemmas with potentially changing people for good (hopefully) and more! Join Tiara, Logan and I as we discuss this week's episodes!

Tiara: Finally 4th Prince has gain the trust of the King and the people after becoming the “savior” and bring forth the rain. I’m super happy for him getting the attention and love he’s been missing. Of course, Hae Soo is the reason behind his new behavior with helping him cover up his scar. Which that scene was a highlight of the episodes this week.

June: I agree! That particular scene felt like a turning point for So and Soo. For So, he started to trust Soo and it meant a lot for him to let her even touch his scar, let alone his face. For Soo, this is where because of the success of the rain ritual, she is now seeing visions of So becoming Gwangjong. I feel like what bad timing that So is finally getting the trust of the people, only for Soo to start becoming afraid of him.

Logan: Totally bad timing! It made me so uncomfortable to watch because Wang So has this newfound freedom and confidence in getting the acceptance that he’s always craved, especially from his father, and Hae Soo was the first one who truly treated him as a person. Now that he’s opened up and let her in, she’s pulling back. I was sure that he was going to go into a flying rage and revert to an even worse mental state when she essentially rejected him, but instead he just asked her not to treat him like everyone else had. His reaction was surprising to me.

Tiara: It’s a tad annoying for Soo to tell So to trust her and she’ll not betray him, but turns around after these visions or whatever they are to betraying him at a drop of the hat. Those looks into the future are scary sure, but those don’t mean they can come to past. Why isn’t she questioning where they are coming from? If she was going back to her current timeline and remembering about this time period, I probably wouldn’t be wondering who’s behind these visions to her. Don’t evening get me started on her wishy washy of trying to change the past one minute to Soo saying she thought she could change the past but can’t. She hasn’t evening tried changing the past. She’s been freaking out for 60 minutes and telling So not to kill people and be nice isn’t trying either.

June: I totally agree!!!! I can't at Hae Soo saying she wants to change the past and what not but a all she is doing is pushing him away even further. I think that is worse than just acting normal and trying to figure out a way to make things better. Like I know those visions are scary but it's like this was a part of history and there has to be a reason why she was magically sent back to this time period. Her freaking out this whole time was really a downer for me because it made it seem like she was just like everyone else who talks bad about So. Also she kept telling Wook to stay away or be careful of So. Ok like that's not going to raise any suspicions of So! I just cannot deal with this turn around of Soo. I'm hoping it gets better in the next week episodes.

Logan: I feel the same way as both of you. I was frustrated with Hae Soo for how she was reacting. I understand it might be a little terrifying to have visions of Wang So like that, but what makes her think the visions are real anyway? I have to keep reminding myself that So does have the capability for evil and murder. It’s hard because he’s so empathetic and we’ve seen his wounded side, but he’s already murdered dozens of people. Granted, they weren’t innocent either, but then there was that horse that he killed in the beginning of the drama for seemingly no good reason. I really hope that Soo doesn’t consent to a romance with So just because she thinks it’ll change him. I know it would eventually turn into authentic love, but it would just break my heart a bit.

Tiara: Soo just needs to take Astronomer Choi advice and do nothing or just continue to live her life. She’s already making a ripple in the pond by just being in contact with all the Princes. However, she’s probably already started in motion So becoming the King of Blood by telling Wook to be careful of his brother. It’s clear So’s feelings for Soo have grown with the time they spend with each other. She’s given to him the things he wanted from his parents, siblings, and the people. She never feared him, cared, and worried for him, but when she turned and started being afraid, So acted out with desperation and forth kissed her. I wished we didn’t get that type of kiss, but I can’t understand his need to want to keep the one person since his return to the palace with him. As So said to Soo, he’s hers and she is his.

June: Ugh I really wish that kiss would have not happened. It was forced and you could tell Hae Soo was not about it at all. I could tell So was desperate but this probably will not make things better quicker. I am wondering with So asking the King to give him Soo what will happen with the romance thing going on with her and Wook. This is one love triangle that is about to get really complicated. As for changing things, I feel like things are probably already on course for things Hae Soo might be changing. I was just wondering, what is So does go on that crazy quest to becoming King because Hae Soo ultimately rejected him and he is on a raging rampage. That would be crazy!

Logan: I think the reasons for Soo coming to Goryeo are becoming more and more obvious. I’m certain that So is never going to fulfill his destiny as Gwangjong. Hae Soo has given and will continue to give him that crucial element that he was missing that would have lead him down that path - unconditional love. That kiss, though, I was not a fan either. I hate forced kisses. It totally sends the message that love can be coaxed. Although I will admit as far as forced kisses go, I understood this one a little. She does care for him whether it’s love yet or not and he was trying to break through her haze of fear and denial. Still, consent is important!

Tiara: It makes me wonder what Wook will start to do with the warning from Soo. He’s wondering where his place may happen to be and we know his sister has been eyeing the throne for him. I get the feeling Wook will be grabbing for things he wouldn’t have been grabbing for if Soo didn’t give her warning. 8th Prince has never thought of the throne, but now I’m wondering if he will start looking at it which will cause Soo to slowly back away from their relationship.

June: I'm interested as well to see where Wook goes with this information and how it will affect his relationship with Soo. I know at some point their relationship is going to fizzle out but I can't help and think what exactly will be that point. Well one thing is for sure I need more of these episodes! The drama is intensifying and I want to know what is the catalyst for So if he does end up being the crazy king who killed his own family for the throne.

Logan: Tiara, I was having the same thought about Wook. Truthfully, I feel like he has a larger potential to become infected with evil and blood lust than Wang So because there’s something in him that is disingenuous. You can just feel it. I have a feeling that his jealousy is going to be rearing its head in an ugly way when he finds out about So’s feelings for Soo and if Soo rejects Wook in favor of So, it’s going to be scary. I also felt really heartbroken for the 10th prince this week. He’s forced to get over his first love on a moment’s notice and get married to someone else. I hope that he’s able to get along well with the general’s daughter.

Tiara: I really like Soon Deok a lot and I hope we’ll see more of her and a friendship with Soo. She’s got brains and skills to protect her family. Her dad is the biggest teddy bear towards his daughter and I take delight in their scenes together. I like her comments to Dad about being the one to protect her family if Eun can’t. As for Eun, I understand his crush on Soo, but he knew his love was one-sided and wasn’t ever going to happen. I hope to see him grow up a bit about these things, but I also hope for him to keep his childish like views because if Soo is right I worry for his future.

June: I am also worried about Eun and the visions Soo had of him and his wife. I will be really sad if it comes true. As for Eun and Soon Deok, I think they will start to get along better within the next few episodes! I think they match each other and she really cares for him for sure.

Logan: She is a good match for him. It’s nice to know that he doesn’t have to suffer a one-sided crush and I think he’ll grow to be a good husband to Soon Deok. He’s got so much love to give and he’s kind underneath it all. We also got another glimpse into the growing relationship between Baek Ah and the “Forest Princess”. It’s funny that she doesn’t know he’s a prince. I wonder if she’s really some sort of princess in her own right or if that was just a nickname. Either way, I can already tell they’re a great match.

Tiara: She’s a mystery for sure Logan. I’m wondering what her endgame happens to be. I’m looking forward to seeing this relationship between her and Baek Ah grow. Their little bantering is cute and enjoyable to watch. I’m more concerned about the Wicked Queen and Yo planning on killing the Crown Prince again. Can I say they are horrible villains? If they are wanting to use So to do the deed, you can’t just be nice to him for an evening and expect him to do your betting.

June: Those two are despicable and I can't stand them at all. I swear I like hiss every time they are on the screen, especially the Queen. I seriously cannot stand that woman at all. Also Jung said it best! She should have never given birth to them if she was going to raise them to be enemies. Poor Jung had to deal with all that mess at the dinner. Again So was treated like crap by those two and made him feel bad about himself. Poor guy can't catch himself a break.

Logan: Haha. Hissing is an appropriate association for those two. I was so proud of Jung for finally standing up for what was right by leaving that dinner. I hated that he was part of their circle when I knew his heart didn’t match up with theirs and now it’s confirmed. I really want to see him take the side of Wang So even further. Slowly, So is building a network of people on his side. Even the king has started showing him favor which is what he has always wanted.

Tiara: A good network of people is a great way to survive the palace. I’m worry for Soo if/when Court Lady Oh will succumb to whatever she’s been illness happens to be. She’s clearly in pain and I don’t think the doctors can’t do anything for her. I’m glad of the concern she has for Soo as she sees herself in her. I’m hoping instead of punishing Soo all the time, she starts to teach her how to survive the palace too.

June: I hope so too! I really hope that she gets better and teaches Soo the ways of the palace. I just know that Queen will do whatever she likes to Soo if Court Lady Oh were to ever go away.

Logan: I would just really like to see Hae Soo doing something besides being a court lady. It’s a dangerous position and it seems like there’s always someone around to scold her or someone who outright hates her. She already has some formidable enemies.

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