I Hear Your Voice Soo Ha’s actions seem unusual. In the episode broadcasted on June 20, SBS's I Hear Your Voice (Written by Park Hye Ryun, Directed by Jo Soo Won), Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) begins to plan his revenge on Min Joon Kook (Jung Woong In). With a sunken heart after receiving a call from the police stating that Soo Ha might have stolen a gun, Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young), later lets out a sigh of relief upon finding out it was a mistake the police had made. Because of this call, Hye Sung begs Soo Ha, “Don’t even think about getting revenge on Min Joon Kook." But Soo Ha replies, “What if Min Joon Kook tries to hurt you?” To which Hye Sung answers, “Still don’t do it. I’ll take care of myself.” But Soo Ha doesn't listen to her. Holding Min Joon Kook’s cellphone number and, after tracking his location, Soo Ha holds a knife, hinting that Soo Ha’s revenge for Min Joon Kook will go in full swing. We're on the edge of our seats! (source: nate news)