We’ve come to a week of endings. With the extra two episodes added onto Entertainer, there was time to go back and tie up all the stories of our smaller characters, yet the details of what will happen with the lives of our friends in and working with the band seems a little up in the air. Entertainer band has found success, but can any of these successes be more dramatically satisfying as Ha Neul’s holographic duet with his brother after having restored his song credit? Join Logan, DeShonda, and me, Kate, as we re-hash the end of Entertainer.

Logan: It’s always a bittersweet moment when dramas come to the end. On the one hand, your story is complete but at the same time you have to say goodbye to the cast of character you’ve come to love. It feels especially bittersweet to me to say goodbye to the cast of Entertainer. Firstly because I almost felt like I knew them, I really grew to love them. And secondly, it didn’t help that the ending left me with a strong feeling of melancholy. Anyone else feel this way?

Kate: I didn’t feel melancholy, the story just felt incomplete. I thought that was a bit of a strange feeling to have, since it did feel pretty complete last week. However, by keeping the story going I think they started some new stories that needed a little more room to breathe. It may have been better to end the story with the successful tv performance, and maybe a little scene about how the record was a hit. We didn’t really need the band going on a retreat and the weird time jump. Or maybe a slightly earlier time jump this week would have allowed us a little more time with those stories? Or a jump further in the future, like 2 or 3 years.

DeShonda: I agree with your point Logan. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to our characters. As a viewer, we did become close to them. However, as you pointed out Kate, the ending could have taken place further in the future. I personally would have been happy with this series ending last week as well. That ending just seemed more final to me then the one this week. I think this series could have used two more episodes at least for some final closure.


Logan: It’s weird because the theme of Entertainer has kind of been that they could get over any hurdle together and now with Jae Hoon leaving and Geu Rin at college, they all seem to have grown apart. A few years down the road would have been much more satisfying. Take for instance the fact that Geu Rin wanted them to come and visit her at college. I was shocked that Ha Neul was the only one to go. I honestly expected that they’d all unknowingly show up there at the same time to surprise her. What happened to them being family? I think I’ll just think of the final episode showing them all on a bad or something.

Kate: I was disappointed in the band when Geu Rin got them together to ask them to visit her at school. Kyle and Jae Hoon especially acted like they had gotten big heads about their fame. I understand, for the plot, they wanted Ha Neul to meet the girl drummer without the rest of the band around, but they still could have worked around that. Maybe the other band members could have wanted to show up, but the manager wouldn’t let them because of their schedules, for example. Or they do show up separately, because of separate commitments, and Ha Neul still needs directions while on his own. There were more ways to get this accomplished without making the band act so out of character. I do buy that Kyle wants to ignore the rules and go clubbing, but even his character took it a little too far in the way he reacted to Geu Rin’s request.

DeShonda: I was surprised as well that the rest of the band did not have Geu Rin’s support either. She even recalled the time she helped out Kyle. I was happy that Ha Neul was there which put a big smile on her face. You took the words right out of my mouth Kate. Kyle got a little big headed and wanted to party. He was only thinking of himself and having fun, but just like Suk Ho, I would have snatched him out of the club and talked to him about it.

Logan: No one seemed to have any time for Geu Rin. I understand they were busy and public figures now but they ignored everything she had done for them. Even Suk Ho seemed a little annoyed with her when he used to be happy to see her. Min Joo had said that Suk Ho and Geu Rin were a couple but there was never a big romantic moment between the two, which was kind of strange in the realm of Kdramas. I don’t think I’ve ever had to question whether or not the leads were actually together at the end of a Kdrama. Lol.


Kate: Maybe the writers felt that the audience were as ambivalent about the romantic storylines in this show as we were. I never found the Suk Ho-Geu Rin love story convincing or very interesting. And with Min Joo and Yeon Soo in 2nd female and 3rd male lead status respectively, I guess we got as much as we could expect with their romance. It would have been nice, though, for them to have at least STARTED dating. We have all preferred the family-like friendships between them all throughout the show, however, and the last episode in particular needed more of that.

DeShonda: I wondered why the writers would not give Suk Ho and Geu Rin a romantic moment. The only thought I can think of is viewers might be turned off by the age difference between the two perhaps. I would have liked to see where their relationship would have gone. However, I did enjoy the scene between Min Joo and Yeon Soo when he confessed his feelings to her. I would have loved to see more of their relationship as well. I am all for a “Noona Romance” and these two would make a very good couple in my opinion.


Logan: It’s no secret that I’ve never been a huge fan of the Suk Ho-Geu Rin love line. It was so forced at first and while eventually I’ll admit it did seem believable, I still wasn’t all that compelled by it. The Yeon Soo-Min Joo loveline on the other hand was a little disappointing. She didn’t even fully admit whether she liked him or not, although it was implied, so I’ll count that as a win. Haha. At least we got a hint of potential future romance for Ha Neul in the new cutie drummer. I’m glad that he was able to let Geu Rin go and keep their relationship platonic and even happier that there is a new girl out there that’s caught his eye. It would have been too sad if he was alone.


Kate: Logan, the moments between Geu Rin and Ha Neul this week were probably my favorite of the week. Their little fight about how their parents will fight over Geu Rin in the afterlife and they sweet way Geu Rin kept reminding girl drummer that she was Ha Neul’s big sister as the drummer flirted with Ha Neul fit with their past characterization and, as you said Logan, showed they moved past that “first love” Ha Neul felt for her with their sibling love intact. I was glad that Ha Neul was finding a love interest too, and thought it was funny that he was going to play a role in a drama with a character who had unrequited love. And of course, this was also a drama for which Suk Ho encouraged the director to hire Ji Young as the villain. Art imitating life a little, perhaps? Ji Young seemed much more centered and happy though. I was even glad she was able to get a second chance, surprisingly enough.


DeShonda: I was so happy that there was a love interest for Ha Neul. I really like the female drummer too. That’’s a relationship I would like to see as well. Kate, I was also surprised that Ji Young got a second chance as well. And she seemed to be very happy after the fact. I was also happy to see Jin Woo get a happy ending as well. I really loved how the fans were at the airport cheering him on as he left. But back to Kyle for a minute. We got a little bit more backstory about him in finding out he is adopted…..and no one shed a tear when he was telling his story. I don’t think the band believed him at first. They just thought he was telling another story. What did you ladies think?

Logan: Maybe they didn’t believe him or maybe they had already figured it out like we did. Lol. He did drop a few hints about being adopted. But he was pretty adorable when he was handing out tissues. I would have felt compelled to cry just to humor him if it was me. Haha. I was really proud of Jin Woo for coming clean even though Suk Ho told him not to. That shows that it was his character that wouldn’t let him keep it hidden, not because he was doing whatever Suk Ho told him to. I wanted Suk Ho to realize his hypocrisy but I’m glad he didn’t go to jail because it doesn’t seem fair to blame someone for someone else’s suicide unless they were actively harassing them, which was clearly not the case. I’m glad his brother pointed out all the other contributors and how they couldn’t blame just one thing.


Kate: Yes, Kyle’s adoption was not all that shocking, though as you mentioned, Logan, fit in with what we knew about him so far. The Kleenex bit was funny, though. He should have realized his story was nowhere near as tragic or dramatic as Ha Neul being falsely accused of sexual assault and sentenced for it, or Yeon Soo being a single father whose first love, the mother of his child, left them both without a word when his son was barely 3 months old. Then again, I guess we always feel our own stories are important. And Kyle has always had a bit of a big head.

Logan: That’s true, Kate. In the scheme of all the other tragic things going on with the Entertainer Band, Kyle’s story seems happy in comparison. After all, he ended up in a loving home with supportive parents. Not everyone is so lucky. But that’s why Kyle is so spoiled and acts the way he does after all.


Kate: The music awards were a great place to end the series, even if I wished that it would be a music award 2 or 3 years in the future. There the band was, looking fine on the red carpet, and bringing Suk Ho onto the carpet with them. He was such an important part to the Entertainer band. What would have been even more fulfilling though, was to have the whole core group out there with Geu Rin and Min Joo, and maybe even Man Sik. In the rough times, they all worked together to get Entertainer band off the ground and they were able to succeed. A big group hug on the red carpet would have encapsulated the whole feeling of the show perfectly.

Logan: You make a great point, Kate, Entertainer was more than just the four main members. Suk Ho, Geu Rin, Min Joo, Man Sik, Kil Joo, and even little Chan Hee were all important parts of the band and they couldn’t have made it to where they did if they hadn’t all been working together. Despite the lackluster ending to this drama, I have to say I really enjoyed watching it and I’m sure going to miss these goofballs come this time next week.

What did you think of the ending? Was it better last week? Did the time jump work for you? What is your verdict on the romance storylines? Let us know in the comments below.

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