Dear Clients. We hope you will excuse the changes we have been experiencing as of late. Just in case you hadn’t noticed while you were in your rooms, there have been some staffing changes over the last few days . . . Worry not! These changes will not affect your care. So Join Caroline, Wendilynn and me as we give you all the juicy gossip you handle in your weekly update from level 12.

Wendilynn: All I can say is President Go is one really crafty SOB. In the guise of “helping the CEO” he is isolating Do Hoon from all his support. And Do Hoon is so crazy he can no longer see it or if he does, he can’t do anything about it.

Caroline: President Go did seem a bit off in the beginning, but this is beyond what I had expected from him that’s for sure.

Firnlambe: President Go--err--I mean the Director of Restructuring, is definitely not a man to be trifled with. I’m curious what his true goal is. He hasn’t really revealed too much of what he really wants at this point, he’s hinted (and granted it really isn’t too hard to figure out) but I can’t help but feel that he’s got something even larger hidden up his sleeve.

Wendilynn: oh, he’s after total take over. He’s going to ruin the family and then sweep in to “save the day” I'm sure. After he’s killed off everyone because after all, they are all expendable. I mean, he hasn’t even been subtle about it.

Firnlambe: He isn’t subtle to most. I’m fairly certain that Tae Hyun thoroughly believes that CEO Crazy is the one issuing the kill orders.

Caroline: No, Tae Hyun seemed to be aware of a lot more than thought he would know

Wendilynn: Yeah, no chance. He’s had President Go’s number from early on AND Chae Young is keeping him aware of who all wants him dead. She wasn’t exactly subtle that he needs to stick by her.

Firnlambe: Ok fine, I suppose that makes sense . . . . Gah!! Ok, I’m just gonna say it. This week was extremely frustrating for me lol. I don’t know what part frustrated me most--the slow pace of episode 9 in general, the stupid cops in episode 10 or the fact that Korea will blur out a knife blade but refuses to blur out the “innards” of the human body. //silently fumes to self//

Wendilynn: I loved episode 9. I loved that kiss on the hilltop. I loved them being cute together. Although, I was a little miffed that she took Tae Hyun’s letter at face value. She isn’t exactly stupid. (F: yes she is) She had to know that something was going on. Maybe that’s why she went back to the hospital like she did.

Caroline: It’s starting to get cheesy for me, the pace was intense and then Episode 9 came in with all the mushy stuffs . . . Sigh. Yeo Jin should’ve definitely noticed how iffy everything was, I was also shocked by her reaction to the letter . . Like, Lady . . . You already know stuffs is going down, how are you still surprised by things?

Firnlambe: Clients I wish I could share my LINE rants with you all. That’s how frustrated I was this week. And don’t get me started on the Baby Crocodile . . . she is the epitome of dumb and naive. She only see’s what she wants to see, so the fact that she took his letter at face value proves to me that she does not deserve any of the fluff moments with Tae Hyun that were gifted to her earlier.

Wendilynn: She will have to prove herself. What I’m curious about is where do they go from here? When Tae Hyun got pulled in by the police I was sort of hoping they would be his ticket out. (Thanks Mr. Jealous Tae Yong)

Firnlambe: I had many smug like emotions well up within me when Tae Hyun went on and on about Doctor confidentiality to Obsessed Cop. I was a bit sad that he couldn’t really find refuge in the police station, but at the same time I really enjoy watching Tae Hyun keep his cool during those scenes. (clearly I dislike any of the cop scenes--as if y'all didn’t realize this already) In addition to the smug-ness, I really liked the part when Obsessed Cop made a dig at Tae Hyun’s sister, then got really flustered by Tae Hyun’s visibly cold reaction.

Wendilynn: Yeah, we don’t mess with sister or slander her. I’m still disappointed in Tae Yong though. I know why he turned Tae Hyun in, I would be mad to hear my superior giving away my hard earned scholarship/promotion to someone else, but dude . . . then again, to Tae Yong, Tae Hyun is just a money-grubbing boot licker. He doesn’t know the real struggle.

Firnlambe: I absolutely loved watching Tae Yong get all flustered and confused when he saw Tae Hyun in the hospital . . . sadly the happy feeling lasted all of 6 minutes. All because the stupid Baby Crocodile couldn’t stay tucked away as instructed. Nooooooo she had to come back to the hospital, though I’m not sure how she got past the security cameras unnoticed.

Wendilynn: I’m sure Head Nurse had something to do with it. I really did love that scene. Hopefully, it makes Yeo Jin strong and willing to fight. I don’t want her running away.

Firnlambe: I agree on all fronts, it's about time she starts swimming with the big boys. She’s the Hanshin Heiress for goodness sake, she can’t continue to act like a spoiled little rich snob and expect everything to come to her on a silver platter.

Wendilynn: I think her weakened body had more to do with her not walking around and stomping on people. She also had to get a grasp of what really is going on. I think she now knows what is going on, to a point. I just don’t see how they can get the upper hand against President Go. He’s the real danger here.

Caroline: I think Yeo Jin is going to play a big part in bringing out President Go, just the fact that she’s back to the hospital signals the beginning of the War of Crocodiles. 

Well Clients . . . are you prepared for the great Crocodile War? Do you feel that Yeo Jin's appearance will end up being a good move? Can Tae Hyun become top Crocodile or will President Go be able to outwit everyone and claim Hanshin for himself? Have a theory you'd like to share with your fellow Clients? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or you can hit up the official Yong Pal Forum where you can meet your fellow fans, discuss how much you loved or hated this week and toss around any possible theories you may have on what's to come.

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