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Eric Moon is making his drama comeback as Hallyu star Kang Woo in the upcoming 'Spy Myung Wol'. He comes right at the heels of Cha Seung Won's fantastical turn as Dokko Jin in Greatest Love, and so he has vowed to surpass Dokko Jin. (In craziness? In lovability? In looks? One thing you've got is the 'looks' down.) Eric Moon said, "I'm a fan of Greatest Love. When I was reading the script, I realized my character had a lot in common with Dokko Jin's. I even thought that I should try to speak my lines as Dokko Jin would speak." But he added, "Dokko Jin is an inimitable character so in each scene, I'm trying to show a new way to play the character. I think I'll have to try harder." (Yes - try harder. If anything - at least Dokko Jin doesn't really act like a scaredy cat in the face of a gun, so if Eric Moon can successfully jump into Han Ye Seul's arms, I'm sold.) This would be Eric Moon's comeback since Strongest Chil Woo. As for Han Ye Seul, this will be her first romantic comedy since Couple or Trouble. She doesn't feel any pressure to outperform herself from her Couple or Trouble - days, but she does strive to have this drama do well and have fun while she's at it. After his stint in the military, Eric Moon also has learned how to work more collectively with the crew, saying, "[Instead of finding ways to stand out himself,] I want to help other people to stand out, and I want the cast and crew to put our energy together to get more viewers." It doesn't hurt that the two of them look like they're ready for a kiss scene. The drama premieres on July 11.

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Eric Moon: You sure you aren't preparing a chokehold on me now?

Han Ye Seul: You got a little dandruff over there... ah - now it's gone.

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It takes two to tango!

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