"Ooh, ooh, pretty baby" is right! To promote his new single, "Ooh Ooh" ft. rapper/actor extraordinaire Hoya of Infinite, Eric Nam is pulling out all of the stops, and the latest one includes a selca with a Victoria's Secret supermodel!

Eric Nam and Miranda Kerr snapped the above photos at their second personal interview, the first of which took place in mid-2013 during Kerr's last promotional trip to South Korea. This time around, Nam sang part of "Ooh Ooh" for Kerr, who is quoted as describing the song as "very good and catchy." And now they continue to showcase their adorable friendship via Instagram.

Nam captioned the photo: "With the beautiful @mirandakerr! Great seeing you again and thanks for loving ‘Ooh Ooh!’ Don’t forget about our duet next time you’re here!!" followed by the same message in Korean. BRB, unliking the photo just so I can like it again.

Nam also posted a few selcas with Jackson and Mark of the recently debuted GOT7 holding up his new CD, but you looking is better than me explaining, so we here go:

"With @jacksonwangjy at ASC After Show!!!! Lets do itttttt~~~~#ericnamoohooh#에릭남우우"

"With @Mark_tuanat ASC AFTER SHOW!!! Go go go #ericnamoohooh#에릭남우우"

"GREAT time hostin with these fellas.@jacksonwangjy@mark_tuan Hilarious. Let's chill soon! Sorry had to run off without sayin bye~ gotta fly across the city!! Haha#got7#tengosiete#ericnamoohooh"

Check out the video for "Ooh Ooh" if you haven't yet:

Now all that's left to do is await that duet with Miranda Kerr! Which is, of course, definitely happening...at some point...right?