Jang_Dong_Gun_EAGrowing up in the bustling district of Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Jang Dong Gun attended the Korea National University of Arts, a prestigious institution recognized as the only Korean university dedicated solely to cultivating its students in the world of the arts. However, the scholarly life wasn't the way Dong Gun was compelled to follow. He dropped out before finishing his degree. He made his way into the real world of entertainment, debuting  in the 1993 MBC drama Our Heaven. Then at the age of 21, Jang Dong Gun's career took off. He went on to star that same year in the MBC rendition of Iljimae, a story based on a popular comic by artist Kyo Woo Yung.

Then in 1996, after working on two more dramas, Dong Gun took a break from TV Land and made his way to the silver screen in the movie Holiday In Seoul. He returned to dramas a year later to add five more titles to his repertoire: Medical Brothers, Model, Myth of A Hero, Ready GO!, and Love. In 2000, the beginning of the millennium and the Korean Wave, Jand Dong Gun starred in the Hallyu favorite All About Eve, as Hyong Chul. The insanely popular drama helped to keep Dong Gun's already risen star shining.

By this time Jang Dong Gun had accumulated three awards for his dramas and four awards for movie roles. With each project he took on, his convincing acting skills gained him more and more fans. However, it wasn't until his role as Lee Jin Tae in the 2004 blockbuster Taegugki: The Brotherhood of War that critics and fans overseas really started to take notice. His stellar performance gained him 'Best Actor' for the movie Taegukgi.

Continuing on his successful path in movies, Jang Dong Gun starred in The Promise, Typhoon, and just recently, The Warrior's Way and Good Morning, Mr. President (both released in 2009). It's evident that only more awesome success can come out of this man's talent in the future. Watch his most famous drama 'All About Eve' here on DramaFever to see why it's really all about Jang Dong Gun!