[caption id="attachment_19405" align="alignleft" width="325" caption="Actor Lee Jun Ki"][/caption] Pretty Boys have never looked so good. Actor, model, and singer, Lee Jun Ki (28) has embodied the very essence of the term 'triple threat'. His stunning face has captured the hearts of many ladies (and probably a few gents) and his charismatic acting skills make any drama he stars in a delight to watch. But don't let his good looks fool you. Not just another pretty face, Jun Ki is serious about his craft. After graduating high school, Lee moved to Seoul from his hometown of Busan, worked hard and attended Seoul Institute of the Arts, one of the country's most prestigious art schools. Since breaking into the entertainment industry, he's played everything from court jester, to playboy, roles that were dramatic to comedic. However, as well as acting, this charming young man also has a career as a model and singer. His career began in 2003 when he made a small guest appearance on MBC's television show Non Stop. The appearance was all it took and just one year later, Jun Ki found himself starring in not one, not two, but four different productions: dramas Stars Echo (MBC) and Drama City: What Should I Do (MBC), and the films Hotel Venus (Japan) and Flying Boys. But it wasn't until his first major role in the movie The King and The Clown (also known as All The King's Men) that his career went to a whole new level. The film chronicled the tragic and twisted love story of Gong-gil, a beautiful male street performer turned court jester, forced to be the personal entertainment of the infamous King Yeonsan. The film was a run away hit, with fans falling in love with Jun Ki's role as Gong-gil and even brought a more sympathetic and understanding point of view towards the notorious king. The story not only beautifully showcased Jun Ki's gorgeous looks, but also his skill at acting. It was such a hit that it passed the critically acclaimed war film Taegukgi, as the most watched film in Korean history at the time. [caption id="attachment_19406" align="aligncenter" width="367" caption="Jun Ki as street performer Gong-gil in The King and The Clown"][/caption] At the height of his popularity, Lee Jun Ki also starred in the hit romantic comedy “My Girl” (MBC, 2005) alongside fan favorites Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook. The drama was very well received and from there, he moved on to star the movie Fly Daddy Fly, and a cameo as himself in the drama 101 First Proposal in 2006. His musical career also began that year with his mini album My Jun My Style (2006) and a featuring on Nam Hyun Jun's song “Fly High”(One And Only, 2006). In 2007, he completed 3 more projects: the films Virgin Snow, which was a Korea/Japan co-production, and May 18, a film that retold the true, and tragic story of the Gwangju Massacre in South Korea in 1980. The film was a critically acclaimed success, receiving the Golden Orchid Best Feature film of 2007 at the Hawaii International Film Festival. His very first drama with him as the lead role, Time Between Dog and Wolf was also one of the most popular dramas that year, with over half 27 million surveyed voters choosing Jun Ki's drama as the best. So it's no surprise that he won Best Actor at the 2008 Seoul Drama Festival. [caption id="attachment_19407" align="alignright" width="302" caption="Lee Jun Ki as Iljimae"][/caption] His next drama continued the action packed theatrics that fans had started to become addicted to from Jun Ki. Iljimae (SBS,2008), the popular Korean story of a man similar in character to England's Robin Hood, was a smash hit, where Lee was awarded both the Netizen Highest Popularity Award (similar to a People's Choice Award or fan voted award) as well as the Top Male Excellence Award. In 2009, Jun Ki released another mini album titled J Style, as well as appeared on Kim So Ri's song “Pinky Finger” (from her album Lips), and he also starred in the drama Hero, an action-comedy. Throughout his career, Jun Ki has tried to shake the label he was given after The King and The Clown as a pretty boy, because he felt that it took away from his craft. However, many fans felt that his angelic looks only gave him that much more charm on top of his already great skill. Stating that he tries to choose roles based on whether or not they allow him to work with other countries and spread knowledge and appreciation for Korea and not just pop culture, he was bestowed the position of Ambassador of the Seoul Hallyu Festival and as the first ever Honorary Legal System Officer at the 60th anniversary of the the Government Legislation Agency in 2008. Then in 2009, he was given the title of Promotional Ambassador for the Korea Tourism Organization. Ever the humble man, when speaking about his roles as ambassador, Lee has been quoted as saying “ [...] Instead of showing off being a Hallyu Star, I will try my best to show good images for those who love Korea." “ and “I […] will try my best to promote Korea." With such accomplishments under his belt, why not check out why he's so hot. Let him promote Korea by watching some of his best moving images right here on DramaFever:

Iljimae | My Girl