[caption id="attachment_19528" align="alignleft" width="344" caption="Kdrama Princess Song Hye Kyo"][/caption] Hailed as the most beautiful woman in South Korea, if not all of Asia, Song Hye Kyo is the ultimate Kdrama Princess, having starred in some of the most memorable Kdramas to date. Over the years she has graced the covers of countless magazines, endorsed brands such as FHM, McDonald's, Etude, and Nintendo DS and has been the face of many other cosmetic and clothing brands. Dubbed Korea's Natural Beauty, Song's perfectly proportionate face and porcelain skin has caused many young women to flock to their local cosmetic surgeon in the hopes of replicating her glamorous look. She is the quintessential Korean Beauty, blessed with both talent and grace. But before she dazzled the world with her beauty and acting, she was just like any other teen aged girl. That is, until the bright young age of 15 when she entered a modeling contest for the school uniform company Sun Kyung Smart in 1996. Song Hye Kyo ended up taking the crown as Grand Prize winner, marking the start of the junior high student's career in the entertainment industry. The same year she discovered as a teen model, she starred in the KBS drama “Happy Morning” which would lead her on a path to various large and small roles on all three major networks. Already on a roll, she won Best New Actor/Actress in 1998 for her work in Soongpoon Clinic (SBS). Her early work helped to prepped her for the role that would change everything. Just four years after her debut, Song starred as Yun/Choi Eun Suh in the romantic drama Autumn In My Heart, opposite two other rising stars, Song Seung Hun and Won Bin. No one could have predicted the rate at which these young actors shot to fame throughout Asia, namely Song Hye Kyo. Fans instantly fell in love with her as she and her co-stars expertly told the story of a tragic love triangle. A fan favorite and lauded for her stunning beauty, she took home two 2000 KBS Drama Awards (Popularity Award and Photogenic Award) and the actress went on to host one of Korea's most popular entertainment programs, Music Bank that same year. At this time, Hallyu was just on the verge of spilling over and with Song's energy and charm greeting the fans each week on the show, her popularity continued to soar. In 2001, she completed two more dramas as well as more host work on M.Net's Music Video Festival. Having already established herself as one to watch, she continued her reign as the princess of dramas in Guardian Angel (SBS) and the fan favorite Hotelier (MBC) as Kim Yoon Hee. Her next drama was one to bet the house on, because it too was a smash success. 2003's All In (SBS), which also starred the incredible Lee Byung Hun could not have been any more popular. The drama, centered around the high-risk world of professional and illegal gambling was all the rage, and to top it off, the media and fans were in a frenzy over her real-life relationship with the show's leading man. [caption id="attachment_19529" align="alignright" width="345" caption="Song Hye Kyo with her handsome co-stars Won Bin (l) and Song Seung Hun (r) in Autumn In My Heart"]Won Bin, Song Hye Kyo, and Song Seung Hun in Autumn In My Heart[/caption] For the first half of the 2000's Song raked in award after award; in 2001 alone she was given the Hong Kong's Gold Song Award for Best Korea Star, Golden Disk Award for Popular Music Video for her appearance in Kim Soo Bum's PV Once Upon A Day, and Paeksang Award for Popularity in Television. In 2003, she collected her SBS Drama Awards trophies for her work in All In (Best Actress, Top Excellence, and Top 10 Actors). Talk about a clean sweep. In 2004, Song Hye Kyo was cast in the drama Sunlight Pours Down (SBS), but that drama was not as well received by fans compared to her next project: the role of a lifetime co-starring with one of the hottest male pop stars in all of Korea: Jung Ji Hun, better known as Rain. The two paired up in the romantic comedy Full House, where fans fell in love with the two as an onscreen couple. Their obvious charisma and chemistry was not lost on viewers and translated to high ratings making it one of the ultimate dramas of the early 2000s for any drama watcher. All across Asia, and even in some countries abroad, the Full House's popularity earned her four KBS Drama Awards: Best Actress, Best Couple with Rain, Popularity Award and Top Excellence Award. However, during the height of all this recognition, Hye Kyo's relationship with Lee Byung Hun began to strain, and eventually the couple broke up. News of their split caused much gossip with the media, but Song, ever the lady, did not give in to rumors or speculations. Instead she continued on with her acting, and made her debut on the silver screen in the film My Girl and I (2005). Critics did not like the movie, and neither did the viewing audience, and the movie was given lackluster reviews. After a two year hiatus, Song returned to the film screen in the much talked about Hwang Jin-i. The film chronicled the life and times of the famous kisaeng/entertainer of the same name.While her acting won her the Best New Actress Award at the 2007 Korean Film Awards, it did not perform well at the box office. [caption id="attachment_19555" align="aligncenter" width="340" caption="Song Hye Kyo glams it up in a cosmetics ad"][/caption] Song Hye Kyo, always a go-getter, became the first female Hallyu star to make the much aspired for cross-over to Hollywood in the indie flick Make Yourself At Home in 2008. The movie was originally titled Fetish, and was shown at the Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany . That same year, the beautiful actress returned to her roots as a television star in the melodrama The World That They Live In (KBS2). The drama found her starring opposite the extremely handsome actor Hyun Bin and the two became fast friends during filming. Their onscreen chemistry won them the 2008 KBS Drama Award for Best Couple, and in 2009, the two began dating officially. This year, Song can be seen in two more films, Camellia and The Grand Master, both of which are yet to be released. Until then, why not check out this true beauty's impressive resume right here on DramaFever: Hotelier | All In | The World That They Live In