Song_Seung_Heon_1 Every few years, an actor bursts into the spotlight and captivates audiences whenever they grace the screen. With rugged manly looks, boyish charm and incredible acting skills, it seems that South Korea's Song Seung Heon is that actor.  Like most in the Korean entertainment industry, Song Seung Heon started his career as a model back in 1995 at the age of 19. He soon moved on to acting in several dramas for networks MBC and SBS. Shortly thereafter, he landed his first film role in the movie Calla, which introduced him to fans en masse.

The pivotal point in his career as a Kdrama actor came when he starred in the first of the 'Four Seasons' or 'Endless Love' series titled, Autumn In My Heart. This drama was so successful that it, along with the three other 'Seasons' dramas are credited with igniting the Hallyu flame across Asia, and subsequently abroad into western countries. Following the success of Autumn In My Heart, Song Seung Hun then went on to star in Summer Scent (another Four Seasons series) which paved the way for more successful movie and drama roles, ultimately landing him a starring role in the biggest budget production Kdrama has seen to date, the epic East of Eden.

An all around compelling tale, Song Seung Heon steered East of Eden into the hearts of many new and old fans as its lead male. As evidence of his skillful acting, he ended up winning the Popular Actor, Best Couple, and Grand Prize awards at the 2008 MBC Drama Awards. It's safe to say Song Seung Heon is one of South Korea's most talented and adored actors.

Showing his versatility, Song Seung Heon also has starred in feature films between his stints on dramas, most notably, the 2004 romantic comedy He Was Cool and the gangster themed Fate in 2007. Currently, he has been cast in The Invincible, a rendition of the Hong Kong film noir, A Better Tomorrow, which is slated for a big budget release for 2010. While the wait for the release of his current project is sure to be well rewarded, check him out in East of Eden, right here on DramaFever to see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Without a doubt, you will agree that his intense performance is one for the ages.

photo:gaki n me