Vic ZhouVic Zhou, also known as Vic Chou and affectionately by fans as Zaizai, is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and model. A former member of legendary pop group F4 (also known as JVKV) and a popular drama actor, he has achieved a level of critical and popular acclaim beyond almost all other Taiwanese stars. His career began through a random stroke of luck (which has become a oft-repeated tale among his fans). When casting began for 2001 drama Meteor Garden, Vic, who had had no public life before this, accompanied one of his friends to the audition. He himself had no intention of auditioning, but one of the producers, noticing him huddled in a corner, thought that he had a similar personality to the Hua Ze Lei character, and asked him to audition. After auditioning, he was cast as Hua Ze Lei - and thus began the career of one of the top Taiwanese drama actors. Meteor Garden became a smash success, taking Asia by storm and helping to herald in the Asian drama boom of the early 2000s. Vic's character, the brooding, reserved Hua Zei Lei, was a particular favorite, and all the lead actors shot to immediate fame. Vic starred in five dramas after this between 2000 and 2004, including the Meteor Garden sequel and a mini-drama. In 2004, he had the second huge hit of his career, Mars, in which he left behind his Meteor Garden pretty-boy image and proved that he could indeed act. Mars marked his transition from fluffy romances and idol dramas to heavier, more weighty roles. He followed up Mars with a turn in bittersweet romance Silence opposite Korean actress Park Eun Hye. Since then, he's done light romantic comedies (Sweet Relationship, Wish to See You Again), a dark cop thriller (Black and White) and is now turning to historical dramas with The Last Night of Madame Chin and his upcoming role in Hui Jia. He also starred in two films in 2008, romantic melodrama Linger and historical romance Tea Fight. His musical career has had a similar meteoric rise. F4, consisting of and and named after the group of four lead actors in Meteor Garden (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu), was formed in 2001 in the wake of that drama's success. They signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment in 2001. The band became immensely popular and has toured all across Asia, becoming the first foreign artists to hold seven consecutive concerts in Japan. F4 is considered the top Taiwanese pop group and the boyband to beat. Together they have released three albums: Meteor Rain, Fantasy 4ever, and Waiting for You Here. Recommended dramas: Mars, Silence Fun facts: -He began dating his Meteor Garden and Mars co-star Barbie Xu shortly after filming on Mars ended. The two were together for seven years before breaking up. -He is affectionately known by fans and even the media as "Zaizai", or "Little Boy", a nickname originally given to him by his grandmother.