Congratulations to Eugene and Ki Tae Young! Singer-actress Kim Yoo Jin (known as Eugene) and Ki Tae Young starred as the leading sweethearts of the romantic comedy Creating Destiny, and they married in a romantic wedding in 2011. On October 15, Eugene's agency confirmed that, indeed, Eugene is pregnant, and fans are delighted for the lovely couple.

Watch the series that brought Eugene and Ki Tae Young together:

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A representative of Eugene's agency, GG Entertainment, delivered the happy news on October 15, “It is true that Eugene recently became pregnant.” It's not exactly clear how many months she's into the pregnancy, as some news reported 7 or 8 weeks, and others reported 13 weeks. But after three years of marriage, this is indeed very happy news for the couple.

Ever since they got married, Eugene and Ki Tae Young have experienced frequent questions about their pregnancy plans. While Eugene was promoting her drama Hundred Year Inheritance in Taiwan last year, she was asked directly by reporters, and she shyly replied that they would plan for it next year.

In June this year, Ki Tae Young was pressed about the question at a drama press conference, and he replied, "We both received a health examination recently, and we are both healthy." 

We are very happy for the expecting couple. Congratulations to Eugene and Ki Tae Young!

(photo: SportsKorea, mydaily)