Let’s get hyped, Return of Superman fans! Eugene and Ki Tae Young's family filmed the first episode of Return of Superman yesterday. On December 10, 2015, sources reported that Ki Tae Young and his nine-month-old daughter Rohee would join Return of Superman, a reality show where celebrity fathers take care of their children without the mother’s help. 

Just like soccer player Lee Dong Gook, who is the newest cast member of Return of Superman, Ki Tae Young is most likely to be introduced as a “guest member” first and then placed as a permanent “cast member” of the show, multiple sources predicted.

Will we see Eugene on the show?

It depends.

Some Return of Superman mothers make frequent appearances, like Choo Sarang’s mother Yano Shiho, while others have made zero appearances, like the Song triplets’ mother Jeong Seung Yeon.

Yano Shiho even substituted for her husband Choo Sung Hoon, an MMA fighter, for the weeks he took off to get ready for the UFC Fight Night. Actor Song Il Kook’s wife Jeong Seung Yeon is on the extreme end of the spectrum. She has never made an appearance on the show, quite understandably because she works in the public sector as a judge.

If Ki Tae Young becomes a Return of Superman cast member, his daughter Rohee will be the youngest child of the show. Lee Dong Gook’s son Daebak is currently the youngest; as the Lee family just celebrated his first birthday.

From what we can tell, the couple is feeding a lot of love to Rohee.

“Ki Tae Young says he wishes the daughter would look like the mother. But she looks just like her dad,” Eugene said as reported by Chosun News, “She looks a lot more like a girl now. She talks and sings.”

“I wish (Eugene and I) had a baby sooner,” Ki Tae Young said in an interview on Midnight Entertainment, “I thanked Eugene for giving birth to Rohee. I didn’t realize but I was tearing up.”

Eugene and Ki Tae Young welcomed daughter Rohee to the world on April 2015 after four years of marriage.

Catch the latest episode of Return of Superman below:

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Cover image credit: Seihon Cho (Note: The baby in the photo isn't Rohee. It's a photo from a charity photoshoot to promote adoption.)

Photos credit: Eugene’s Instagram