Baby makes three! The Creating Destiny actors recently celebrated the birth of their first child overseas.  “Eugene gave birth to a baby [girl] last week in Guam," a close acquaintance to the couple told the media yesterday. 

They added, "Both the baby and mother are healthy. Eugene and her husband Ki Tae Young are thrilled to be parents.”

The former S.E.S member has spent the majority of her maternity leave at her mother's home in Guam. She was unable to join the cast of Saturday Saturday Is a Singer on Infinity Challenge because she was taking extra precaution of her and her baby's health. After Eugene watched episodes of her group performing with Seohyun, fellow S.E.S alum Bada relayed her message about Eugene's desire to reunite with her band on stage once she gave birth. 

Her hubby promised to work harder in the entertainment industry to support his growing family, while the new mom is expected to receive numerous offers to appear on popular child care programs. 

The 34-year-old actress is planning to return to South Korea after she rests in Guam for another month. Eugene and her hubby Ki will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary this July. 

Congratulations to the new mom and dad!

Watch Creating Destiny, the series where Eugene and Ki Tae Young first met:

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