Eugene On the second episode of On Style's Get It Beauty Global Special: Hong Kong Beauty Vacation, beauty evangelist Eugene revealed her makeup process in detail. It's incredibly helpful, as the process is suitable for the hot and humid Hong Kong weather. For hot summer climates, Eugene stated, “Full makeup is prohibited,” and skip the "foundation." Instead, use color cream to adjust your skin tone, and concealer for any necessary cover-ups of dark circles or acne scars by applying it several times. Also, she mentioned using oil-proof mascara, which allows the makeup to last longer. Considering the fact that one cannot pack everything in the beauty pouch while traveling, Eugene presented her expertise in using one palette product for your lipstick and cheeks, and finishing it with a touch of eye shadow. As most women have asymmetrical faces, she used her finger as a compass to form a line of symmetry to solve this problem. As the weather gets hotter and sweatier, these tips are sure to help. Do you have any of your own summer makeup tricks? (source: nate news, newsis)