Eunji wants justice.

Talented girl group Apink has been plagued with threats to their safety in recent months. From death threats to bomb threats, one dangerous anti-fan residing in Vancouver, Canada is relentless. The 2017 Asia Artist Awards and Eunji's Untouchable drama press conference venue were the most recent places targeted. Member Eunji is beyond frustrated with the dark cloud over her group and posted a message on Instagram addressing the issue. 

"I don't know who you are, but law enforcement says they know. However, Canadian and Korean laws are different, so even if you're engaging in criminal behavior, even if they know who you are, they can't punish you. You are not our fan. I ask that you take strong action so that the criminal constantly causing us damage can be caught at least one day early please," the Answer Me 1997 actress implored. "And to the police officers who always work hard and the reporters who came today and waited, I apologize, and I thank you."

Apink members are scheduled to make an appearance but have received bomb threats via phone. The police currently have the suspect on Interpol's wanted list, but it's difficult to arrest him because it's out of their jurisdiction (Korean American living in Canada). 

We hope justice prevails, and our thoughts are with Apink during this difficult time. 


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