We know, we know! Park Shin Hye is too busy kicking ass at her amazing acting and modeling career to worry about being tied down romantically, but when she's ready, we know who will be waiting to sweep her off her feet!

Ok Taec YeonFighter of ghosts, stealer of hearts everywhere, and currently crushing on our fave actress. 

At a recent radio interview, the actor confessed to DJ Cho Hwa Jung, "Who wouldn't like her? She's so pretty." Aww! Look at him getting excited over confessing his admiration for the actress!

The actor also sent a coffee cart to the set of Doctor Crush to make sure the actress was energized before shooting her hit drama. He said, "I sent the coffee cart knowing that I'll be joining the competition, but so many people also sent them." Double aww.

Lastly, the actor sent a direct message to the actress, saying "Shin Hye yah, I enjoyed watching Doctors Crush. I hope you filmed well with the coffee cart I sent. Let's meet sometime soon. You are truly very pretty." Triple awww!!!

We are seriously shipping for these two! What about you? 


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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