The Evergreen actor died of sudden cardiac arrest on Thursday. But it wasn’t until Saturday after his body was taken out of the mortuary during the procession that people found out about his death.

“Hwang Chan Ho left us in the wee hours Saturday morning,” the 32-year-old actor’s representative said. “A number of people, including the actors from his agency, visited the funeral house in Seoul St. Mary's hospital for the three days the funeral lasted.”

People first found out about the actor’s death through his girlfriend’s Instagram posts. She had mourned his death through pictures of the actor and his urn. She also shared a letter addressed to him that called him “my cool boyfriend who’d loved me more than anything in this world.” She thanked him for loving her and wished him to rest in peace. When her posts gained traction, which was presumably unintended on her part, she made her Instagram account private.

Since his 2006 play called Glass Mask Episode 5, Chan Ho has starred in numerous plays and TV shows. Notably in dramas, he’s had supporting roles in KBS’s Jang Yeong Sil, MBN's Yeonnam-dong 539, and OCN's Evergreen. He also taught acting.

Rest in peace, Chan Ho.


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