Every woman should watch this clip. It is the divorce ceremony from recent popular drama Divorce Lawyer

Miao Jin Xiu is the client of Luo Li, who got a fake divorce from her husband Dong Da Hai. Since Dong had an affair with another young woman, he could not face his wife and came out with a ridiculous reason, that is related to the real estate tax issue to fake the divorce. Once Miao Jin Xiu found the fake divorce turned real, she was mad and went for "the third person" for revenge. Now two divorce lawyers came up with the ideas of this divorce ceremony, to resolve the complications between Miao Jin Xiu and Dong Da Hai.

When this episode came out in China, this clip got a lot of controversy. The video named as "Being Mrs Dong for 30 years" went viral on the internet. Over millions of audience members burst into tears. Although it is relatively long, about 15 minutes, mainly about Miao Jin Xiu's solo, even some audiences complained about its length (almost half of the episode), the script writer Chen Tong still insisted in her blog to stick with this plot. She wrote the following:

"When I designed this plot, the production firm actually did a poll on audience reactions. Older male audiences who happened to marry young wife dislike this plot most, but in general, the feedback is positive. I cried when I wrote the lines for Miao Jin Xiu. And when we first showed this part to the director of this drama, she cried as well. She mentioned about "empathy". This plot would bring out the empathy from the audience who value love, tradition and marriage." 

Miao's speech for her daughter is quite insightful. "You need to invest in yourself in your marriage. Love yourself. If you forget yourself, your man will gradually forget about you until you are out."

What do you think about this part in Divorce Lawyer?

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