Things are buzzing at DramaFever! Every week we bring you the latest and the very best from drama land. And to add to a melange of an already hot line up for 2017, we are bringing you an exciting new mystery drama starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee. Here are all the details:

Titled Missing 9, the drama is based on a variety show called Law of the Jungle. While Jung Kyung-ho of Falling in Love with Jung Soon fame plays a has-been idol band leader who has hit rock bottom, Baek Jin-hee of Loving You A Thousand Times, stars as his new stylist. 

It all starts with the testimony of the only known survivor of a plane crash containing some of the top figures in the entertainment industry. The unexpected accident paralyzes the nation in fear for its most beloved celebrities. The survivor, played by Baek Jin-hee, holds the only key to the truth of their disappearance. Aren't you already intrigued? Here is a chilling still from the drama. 

Her story begins with nine people becoming stranded when their plane crash-lands on an uninhabited island. Without social strictures or mores in place, heightened tension and stress cause them to slowly break down to reveal their core human natures. Jung Kyung-ho is set to show how his character, one down-on-his-luck diva, can transform into a determined, soulful leader in the face of hardship. It won’t be easy because all around him, a dark psychological battle for survival commences, while a thrilling mystery unfolds.

A look at some more stills:

The drama is written by Han Jung Hoon, who has previously worked on hits like Bad Guys and Police Unit 38. 2017 is already looking pretty darn exciting! Are you feeling it yet? Chat with us in the comments section below! 


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