Ok Taec Yeon is funny, persevering, and warmhearted. Here are seven facts you probably didn't know about Ok Taec Yeon of Save Me and Let's Fight Ghost!

1. Ok Taec Yeon had a huge crush on Park Shin Hye

"Who wouldn't like her?” Ok Taec Yeon posed a rhetorical question to a radio show DJ. “She's so pretty." He said on sending a coffee cart to the Doctor Crush filming set, "I sent the coffee cart knowing that I'll be joining the competition, but so many people also sent them."

He sent a message to the actress, saying "Shin Hye yah, I enjoyed watching Doctors Crush. I hope you filmed well with the coffee cart I sent. Let's meet sometime soon. You are truly very pretty."

2. Ok Taec Yeon went to a high school in Massachusetts

The Ok family immigrated to Bedford, Massachusetts, when he was 10 and lived there for seven years. According to the actor, he kept good grades while attending Bedford High School. He was a member of the Chess Club, Jazz Band, JV Soccer Team, and National Honor Society.

At age 17, he returned to Korea to become a singer. The entire family is currently back in Korea.

3. His sister suggested him to audition for JYP

Ok’s older sister wanted him to audition for JYP Entertainment. On his 17th birthday, they went to New York City for the audition. When he made it to one of the 35 finalists, he returned to Korea to pursue his career!

4. Ok Taec Yeon runs an Ok Cat business

Ok Taec Yeon has been drawing a cat named Ok Cat since his trainee days. It’s a green cat that resembles the creator himself. He runs an online shopping mall selling character goods. Also check out the Ok Cat Twitter, which has cute photos of the cat!

4. Ok Taec Yeon voluntarily joined the army

Ok Taec Yeon was exempt from the army because of his lower back issue. Plus, being a permanent resident of the United States, he didn’t have to join the Korean army. However, he fixed the back problem, which took him years, renounced his residency, and enlisted into the army.

5. He has a big wound on his left arm

When Taec Yeon arm wrestled 2PM’s Jun Ho in 2012, his arm muscles expanded momentarily, which ended up fracturing the bone. The wound we see is a result of a surgery he underwent.

6. Ok Taec Yeon used to be a “fashion terrorist”

“I used to be a notorious ‘fashion terrorist,’” the actor says, adding that now he only wears what his stylist tells him to wear!

7. But he’s sexy AF

Okay, okay! We know you knew this one already. It’s just an excuse to share some hot photos of the actor...

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