Singer and actress Jiyeon recently flew to Vietnam with her girl group T-ARA; however, she didn't expect the shocking event that awaited her. She was there for T-ARA's fan meeting at Lan Anh. 

During the Dream High 2 actress's brief stop in Ho Chi Minh City's airport, the girl group was greeted by 2,000 extremely excited fans. One person in the crowd even reached out and grabbed Jiyeon's hair. The fan yanked so hard that Jiyeon screamed out in pain! A video capturing the scary ordeal was uploaded online yesterday.

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Being the kind celebrity she is, Jiyeon didn't make a big deal out of issue and proceeded to the van to attend the scheduled event. She reassured fans on social media that she was fine later that day.

"Queens, I had so much fun at the Vietnam fanmeeting today! Thank you so much for having fun and cheering for us. About the airport incident airport, I'm fine. Let's just be a little careful! Tomorrow at the airport, let's be polite! Everyone, good night." she wrote as the photo's caption. 

In my opinion, Jiyeon is an absolute sweetheart. Many stars would not have let that slide in today's world. Crowds have always pulled on celebrities' clothes, accessories, and hair in previous decades trying to get a piece of them. This is 2015! Stars give so much information about themselves on social media. You think fans would be satisfied with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and the numerous posts they share on a regular basis. This isn't 1970! Taking all that into consideration,  I believe the person that pulled her hair was an anti-fan trying to hurt her. 

I want to hear from you. Do you think they took it too far? Was Jiyeon's airport incident just an excited fan who went too far or anti-fan? 

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