We are a pretty Goblin-obsessed bunch at DramaFever HQ's. Why, you ask? Well....to be honest, personally I am most excited that I get to watch a Gong Yoo drama. Not only is he my oppa for life, but he backs up those good looks with some major acting chops. So what better way to get set for Goblin, than by revising some of Gong Yoo's top dramas and movies! Bookmark this list and get started on it STAT:

Top Runner: Coffee Prince

An absolute classic! This was one of the first Gong Yoo dramas I ever watched, and I have to admit it was love at first sight. For those who haven't yet watched Coffee Prince, this romantic comedy focuses on the story of a chaebol who hires a goofy young delivery boy to pretend to be his gay lover to scare away his family's set-ups. Trouble starts when Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) begins to get to know the hardworking and lovable Eun Chan, and begins to develop real feelings for him—only to discover that "he" is actually a girl disguised as a boy. Hilarious, emotional and witty, Coffee Prince does a great job of showcasing Gong Yoo's acting talents. Perfect for Saturday nights in, cozying up to your real life oppa, while you're chilling with your reel one. 


Coffee Prince

Starring Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Sun Gyun

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Hilarious and charming: BIG

Inspired by the Tom Hanks film by the same name, this drama takes body swapping to a whole new level. Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) meets a young transfer student from the States, Kang Gyung Joon (Shin Won Ho), who's got an attitude towards everyone except Da Ran. But then Gyung Joon gets into a car accident with Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo), and the two of them drive over the guard rail and into the deep waters. Yoon Jae tries to save Gyung Joon, but in the process, Yoon Jae dies and Gyung Joon ends up in a coma. Gyung Joon soon wakes up...but finds himself in Yoon Jae's body! A pinch of funny with sprinkles of emo and a whole lot of charm - this Gong Yoo drama will steal your heart. 

A classic romantic movie for weekend night: Finding Mr. Destiny 

Gong Yoo plays a hopeless romantic who runs an agency specialized in locating lost loves. He meets Seo Ji Woo (Im Soo Jung,) who continues to be haunted by a whirlwind romance she had years ago in India. He has to help her trace her old love, but faced with Ji Woo's crassness and cynicism, Gi Joon quickly discovers dealing with his client is far more difficult than tracking down her mysterious lost love. The funny romantic comedy is filled with witty twists and turns and worth watching just for Gong Yoo, who is all kinds of adorable in this movie! 


Finding Mr. Destiny

Starring Im Soo Jung and Gong Yoo

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For old time's sake: One Fine Day

A sort of coming of age drama about two siblings who lose each other only to meet again years later! Seo Ha Neul (Sung Yuri) and Seo Gun (Gong Yoo) become stepbrother and stepsister when their parents marry each other, and soon come to love each other like real siblings. But when their parents are suddenly killed, the two are separated. Fifteen years later, Seo Gun returns to Korea - but no longer the innocent boy he once was. He has been forced into a life of crime to pay for the medical needs of his adopted sister Hyo Ju in Australia, and has become a small-time gangster and swindler. Having buried all of his affection for his first step-sister, Ha Neul, his goal in coming back to Korea is to find her and swindle she and her wealthy family out of enough money to pay for Hyo Ju's needs. Haunting and constantly compelling, the dreamlike and beautiful drama accelerated Gong Yoo's career to stardom! 

Striking and stellar: Silenced

While a lot of Gong Yoo's dramas and movies depict him as lovable and adorable, this was one of his first array into darker territories. The drama shows Kang In Ho (Gong Yoo), who joins as a new teacher at a school for hearing-impaired children and discovers that the administration are sexually abusing the students. Along with a human rights activist, they bring the case to trial, fighting for justice against a corrupt system. Strong performances and a stellar story line make this Gong Yoo film a must-watch!

Which Gong Yoo classic are you going to binge while you wait for Goblin?

Goblin will be airing on December 2 following Ji Chang Wook and Yoona's The K2. Add it to your queue now!


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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