The hit Taiwanese drama Deja Vu has been extended, and casting and plot information about the follow-up drama Fall in Love With Me were just announced, and we have all the details.

Deja Vu, starring Mandy (Man) Wei and Yao Yuan Hao, has been extended to 22 episodes. On April 6th, the new romantic comedy Fall in Love With Me (愛上兩個我) will begin, for 30 hour-long episodes.

Fall in Love With Me stars Aaron Yan and Tia Li, and Sanlih provided this synopsis to DramaFever:

"Lu Tien-Hsing (Aaron Yan) is said to be the most renowned prodigy in Asia's advertising industry of the 21st Century. However, during a press conference, he announced to the world that he would be taking a three-month break from his usual life in the limelight. To avoid the public eye, he puts on his baseball cap and glasses and disguises himself as simply "Xiao-Lu."

"Tao Le-Si (Tia Li) promised to protect her brother's advertising agency "OZ"–his dream and legacy. Although she works herself to the bone, business never seems to pick up. Yet, optimistic and honest, Tao Le-Si never gives up and continues walking down the path her brother left unfinished.

"Tao Le-Si first met Lu Tien-Hsing in a traffic accident. In Tao Le-Si's view, Lu Tien Hsing is a stuck-up intruder who was also planning ot take over her company, which was on the verge of collapse. Tao Le-Si's headstrong personality prompted her to pay attention to Lu Tien-Hsing's every move. Then one day, a guy named Xiao-Lu barges into OZ. Although Xiao-Lu looks exactly like the pompous and arrogant Lu Tien-Hsing, their personalities are polar opposites. Tao Le-Si finds herself deeply attracted to Xiao-Lu's warm and genuine personality.

"Somehow, Tao Le-Si realizes that she has a sense of dependence on both guys, yet they couldn't be more different. As she gradually falls for both of them, Lu Tien-Hsing's false identity is revealed."

Fall in Love With Me bears the tagline "Which me do you love? In the end, you'll fall in love with both."

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