Girl group EXID’s quintessential leader Hani confessed she gave up plastic surgery after her mother said this!

Last Saturday on a JTBC talk show, in which Hani and Rain starred as guests, Hani said she gave up plastic surgery after her mother's icy remark: "You're not going to be (as pretty as) Kim Tae Hee with plastic surgery."

When she was a trainee, she had played with the thought of getting a surgery but her mother’s wise words helped her decide against it.

This self-deprecating joke was interesting with Rain there. When Hani quoted her mother, the hosts excitedly threw Kim Tae Hee’s name everywhere, saying, “Kim Tae Hee is the epitome of beauty” and “’Plastic surgeries won’t make you Kim Tae Hee’ is an idiomatic expression.” Rain said nothing but let out a resigned smile.

The show aired a day before Rain dropped his single, The Best Present, and two days before his wedding announcement with Kim Tae Hee. Congratulations again to the couple who got married today!

By the way, all jokes aside, Hani's mother is supportive of her daughter. Hani’s mother initially disagreed with her plans to become a singer but when she became a trainee, Hani’s mother wrote her a letter every day about how proud she is of her beautiful daughter.

In another talk show, Hani has said her ex-boss had suggested a nose job but she said no. So many people have wondered if she’s had a plastic surgery that Hani had a CT scan to prove her natural beauty.

What do you think of Hani’s decision against plastic surgery? 

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