On January 19th, the prestigious 26th Annual Seoul Music Awards took place at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, to honor outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry. To pretty much nobody's surprise, EXO came out on top, winning a total of three awards, including the Grand Prize, for a record-breaking fourth year in a row.

Cementing themselves as one of Korea's biggest and most successful musical acts, EXO dominated the Seoul Music Awards yet again, winning not only the Dapsang (Grand Prize), but also the Bonsang (Main Prize), and the Fandom School Awards, the last of which fans vote for their favorite performers through a special app. Accepting the top honor of the night in front of thousands of screaming fans, the band's leader Suho had the following to say. "My motto in life is ‘Live with no regrets.’ I think the thing I regret least in my entire life is becoming a member of EXO. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to meet you all, our lovely EXO-L’s, and that I’m able to perform on stage." 

The band is looking for an even more successful 2017, and after winning the top prize at Korea's biggest music awards show for the fourth year in a row, there seems to be nothing getting in the band's way. "We’ll continue to release great albums and great music," added Baekhyun. " Hopefully, we’ll do well this year and have a chance at the Seoul Music Awards next year." Yes, they certainly have a "chance" to do it again. After all, they're only the most popular group in Korea.

EXO winning and performing at the Seoul Music Awards